Bleh with Barry

Random with a cynical twist of lime.


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 I rise an apparition

From the cold mist of the Lake

For centuries, I have been confined

In the Inky, stagnant water

The limestone feels warm

Beneath my feet…Ah! To feel…

Yet, day has not yet come

To crack the carapace of night

But who has summoned me?

I meander into the forest.

The spruce raise their limbs

Evangelizing to this heathen goddess

I follow your voice

To serve my ancient purpose

The golden ingot begins to rise slowly

Yet, I cannot be placated until…

I must find you

And let you inherit

The effigy that begins to crumble now

But still gleams in my jaundiced hands.

Come let me wrangle you unto myself

I gill give you all and grovel at your feet

Risk all for me, do not be obscene

Do not send me back to the depths

If you should condemn me,

 You will mash this flower.

Let me be your Lady.

The Eternal King I have forgotten

Written by uncannynerdyguy

January 22, 2010 at 2:02 am

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