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Facebook Faux Pas

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I believe that there are several faux pas that exist within the realm of It comes to my awareness because I have had several of the happen to me, some of which have occurred toward me…some that I am unhappy to say I have contributed to the realm of the world of facebookdum.

1. Stalking…It isn’t nice to facebook/myspace stalk someone…one because it’s creepy and two because if you did the same things to me in public, you might get arrested. I know that someone might make the argument that if you’re on the world wide web that you have willingly subjugated yourself to the follies this entails. However, just because I live in the world and am a citizen of the planet Earth, it doesn’t mean that my life should be a public to everyone. So, please, simply don’t do it…keeping up with friends is one thing but eyeing the girl next door’s profile while you…God I don’t want to think of that…isn’t.

2. Don’t invite yourself onto a group, note, or anything of that nature unless you are sure that it is open to the public or unless you speak to the person who controls the item in question. Point being, many people may not want you to be a part of something. That means you shouldn’t forcibly put yourself in the middle.

3. Don’t  think that because you kinda of know someone that you have to be friends with them on facebook. Having multiple facebook friends is fine. However, if you have friends that you can’t remember who they are or that you added them because they are  you’ve met them once…you might want to asses the quality of your friendships and trim the fat.

4. Don’t be offended if people don’t add you as a friend simply because you request it. If I just know you from a random place, I probably won’t add you as a friend for the sheer fact that I don’t really know you…I can’t be one of those people who cares about your feelings because if I don’t know you I really don’t….Sorry…

5. Don’t post something potentially hazardous to someone’s career on facebook…by this I mean that you should post a comment on a wall  or picture or post that seems. Because really  be smart…if your mother and your professors and the girl next door have facebook accounts…then shouldn’t it be reasonable that people you work with or for would have one too….you don’t want to get anyone in trouble at work…(Also, if you do find something like this on your account feel free to delete it without offending the person…because they shouldn’t have done it to begin with).

If you keep this few things in mind, your and everyone else’s facebooking experience will go a lot smoother…

Written by uncannynerdyguy

February 10, 2010 at 5:14 pm

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