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The Ceremony

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The boards creaked under the weight of the man and the woman as they mounted the steps, the service of the day. They each looked somber as they assumed their places.

 His deep set eyes gleamed with happiness as he took her by the hands and positioned her a little in front of him. He kept holding her with this heavy-handed gentleness as the priest appeared to begin his reading.

Tears slid slowly down the face of the young maiden as she stood looking directly into the holy man’s eyes. She waited for the part that she would play in the service…she waited to say her peace…she waited for God’s eyes to look down upon the preceding to pass his judgment upon them.

The crowd sat silently and watched the couple’s movements. Some stood stolid as they eyed this somber time. Others cried because they were losing a sister.

The lines in the face of the man standing ever vigilant behind the young lady deepened as he smiled. As he continued to hold her small hands, he slipped the malleable hoop onto her. He whispered something in her ear as her tears still fell down her crème colored cheeks and her ebony hair whipped in the breeze. He smiled again at her, his hard, green eyes twinkled.

As the priest said his final prayed and whispered luck to the young woman in her life to come, he slowly descended the steps to wait to speak with the masses and let the man and woman have their moment. Slowly, the man took his place off to the side to let the young girl have her say to the crowd of men and women gathered below her.

“My friends and family and others whose eyes pierce me like a knife, I go on to live a life far from this place, a life of wealth, prosperity, and happiness. Shed no more tears friend. It is done, and now, no matter how much longer we desire to be together, we cannot. Goodbye, my heart shall stay with you.”

With one last solitary tear sliding down her cheek, she turned to the man who held her destiny in his hands. She nodded to him.

A hush fell over the crowd except for the couple of women who continued to sniff and dab at their eyes as the watched their friend perform the last act of the service.

The lined gentleman moved suddenly toward the maiden. The flower dangled in the air it desperately longed to breathe in. A new wail issued from the crowd as no one rushed to catch. Slowly, the flower’s rosy color faded to a light blue. Finally, another younger man came to collect it from the spot that it had not moved from since it had been dropped.

“Take good care of that,” said the deep-lined man. “You better put it to bed before the smell becomes too much for us to bear.”

His heavy boots creaked on the stairs as he joined the priest to discuss the service. He believed the act to be right in God’s sight. Who was anyone else to argue?

Written by uncannynerdyguy

February 14, 2010 at 11:04 am

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