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Breaking Away from the Normal

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In my hometown, people expect certain things from those who grow up there. They expect you to graduate high school (hopefully) and possibly college (just to be able to teach/be an accountant/etc. in the community). Then, they expect you to settle down when you’re young with someone that the family approves of because God help you if you don’t. After the ceremony, they expect the young couple to have many, many children because that is the way of the world. You should live here, grow up in the community, die there and become part of the dirt.

I am one who breaks out of this norm and thus am sort of labeled the black sheep of the family because of this. Why? I don’t want to follow this “norm”. I want to branch out and do my own thing with life. Whereas most people want to and are contented to spend their years mulling about my hometown, I wish to go out and explore the world. I want to go see the Louvre, walk along the Great Wall, explore the Pyramids of Giza, and much, much more. I wish to be a world traveler and perhaps even settle somewhere else for a little while. My family is content to stay in their area and has no desire to leave it…they often look at me with bewilderment when I mention traveling to these place.

They also wonder why I am not married or have no significant other. The simplest reason I can give them is that I am okay just being autonomous right now. I don’t have to answer to anyone in particular which is just fine by me. I have done the whole relationship thing a few times, and I’m okay just living life and enjoying it without having to worry about someone else…now, don’t get me wrong. One day I hope to find someone to settle down with and have a family of my own, but I don’t think that I should necessarily have to settle down in my twenties because I think I need to get a little more living under my belt before I commit. If the right person were to come across my path in the next few years and I fell deeply in love with them, I might consider getting married sooner…but who knows what life has in store for me.

The biggest thing I think separates me from my family is my need to succeed. I know that I want to go further than small town, TN. I think anyone who has known me for awhile has realized that too. I want the lights and the roar of the big cities. I want to be a part of the vibe and flow of somewhere that has a pulse of its own. I want to build a name for myself somewhere far beyond the sphere of influence that is my family. I know that I will have to go somewhere a little further away from my family to do this…and while the love I have for them does cloud my final vision at times, I need to go out into the world and wander down my meandering pathway.

I’ve already started down this pathway. I’ve graduated college with my B. A. and hope to go to graduate school soon. I might end up back in my small hometown at some point, but hopefully, this settling down will happen when I’m older and have a little more world knowledge to share with my students.

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