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The Vampire Formerly Known as Lestat

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In the realm of Anne Rice, we all know about the vampire Lestat and his escapades into the supernatural world that is his realm. He has been the consort of the most powerful vampire in the world (Akasha), had an out of body experience, been to heaven and hell, and became a religious vampiric icon. But now, his story has come to a halt, and he lives on through the pages of his books.

While I am sad about Lestat because at the end of Blood Canticle he doesn’t have a lot of resolution, I am even more sad because of the “death” of the other vampire characters contained within the novels. The characters that I hoped Anne would pick up and start writing about again. Characters like Mael, Eric (vampire mentioned in Queen of the Damned), Pandora (I know that she wrote a novel about her but I want more), Gabrielle, Thorne, Louis (after the transformation), and others. I always found her peripheral characters very intriguing (more so than Lestat at times). Yet, now, Anne has said that at this point in time she does not plan to write anymore vampire chronicles…so, we’re left with dangling strings in my eyes. Now, I love and respect Anne because she is one of my all time favorite authors. I love her prose and her choice of words. She paints pictures with them.

The true reason I write this post is because part of me wonders what is going to happen with the ideas of the vampires or other supernatural creatures contained within Anne’s earlier works…will they be forgotten in the grand scheme of novelic time or will they find their rightful place in literary circles?

Personally, I believe that the books are amazing retellings of the vampire folklore that has been prevalent in cultures around the world for many centuries. While Anne does take some liberties with the overarching myth in places, she remains true to the heart of the myth itself. She also humanizes this creatures of darkness that have symbolized rape, disease, famine, and other deep, dark things for years. Her writing has opened the “monster” up and made them seem not as scary; however, by that same token, she has made them even more monstrous. If something that still has human emotions and drives acts like a feral, evil thing, they seem more monstrous. Her vampires make the choice willingly to feed on humans… they don’t lose themselves…

Another thing that interests me about her vampiric ideals is the whole mythology she created of the “red-haired twins” that she created to rationalize her vampires…it is brilliantly thought and written…it makes me almost wish that she would write her own book of myths or folklore. I believe that it would be a brilliant oddity.

While Lestat and the other vampires may never grace new pages of novels again, I still have hope that they will come to life in new forms. As recently as a few years ago, there was a musical that opened based on the books. In which the music wasn’t bad; however, the staging was lack luster at best. There is also talk of new movies coming out to portray the “brat prince” again…(Hopefully, they won’t make another Queen of the Damned movie travesty…because it sucked [no pun intended]). Here’s hoping that Anne Rice’s vampires continue to prosper in the minds of readers around the world. Because if they don’t, vampires like Edward Cullen might…and that would just be sad…

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  1. Gabrielle? Really? I could care less about her. She angers me. My favorite was Armand’s description of her- everyone hates her except Lestat.

    I love Lestat so much, and I didn’t like the way things ended either. You’d think that if she knew she was going to stop (which she did), then she would offer more closure.

    And God help us if Edward Cullen becomes immortalized (no pun intended).


    March 21, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    • I hope Edward Cullen is forgotten quickly. Sadly though, I don’t think it will be that easy. And as to the whole Gabrielle thing, I often wonder what she did in those couple of hundred years because no one really knows anything about her other than she’s Lestat’s mom.

      Also, I think that Anne Rice’s choice of ending for Blood Canticle may have been intentional. To give the reader that ambiguity about what happens to Lestat and the other. Because if you also notice, she took great care to make him back into the “Brat Prince” in that book.


      March 21, 2010 at 10:58 pm

  2. lmao! Every time I read something about Ann Rice I just kinda laugh! Cause my mother *rolls eyes* Named me after Akasha Queen of the Damned? Why would anyone name their children that? Beats me! But yup! I’m named after a evil blood sucking monster

    Akasha Hale

    August 19, 2010 at 11:17 pm

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