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Peace Signs, Birds or Rockin’ Out in Photographs

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So, while flipping through photos of people on facebook the other day, I asked one of my other friends I was chatting with, “Why do people feel the need to throw up a peace sign, flip me off, or tell me to rock out via the hand gestures in their photos?” She laughed at me for saying this…partially because I went on a slight rant about it….but we eventually settled upon people just don’t know what to do in pictures and try to make themselves appear less awkward; however, as a result of  trying to spare the awkwardness, they make themselves look more awkward…

–The peace sign–you know people who have done it in photos. They seem to think that it makes them look cool. Yet, I believe they do it because they can’t think of anything better to do. I’ve got a thought just stand in the picture and smile. Why is it that you have to do anything at all? I looked at a friend of mine’s pictures, and in the picture of them and national monument, he threw up the two fingers. I thought that it was kind of ridiculous. I mean why do you have to wish peace to people from a monument. Just stand there and be yourself.

–Rockin’ Out–if you’re at a concert for let’s say Metallica or some other “rock” band, this might be an appropriate sign; however, most people do it at times that don’t require this level of celebration. If you’re at a birthday party and there is no alcohol or nothing wild going on (an extremely riveting game of Monopoly doesn’t count), then, there is nothing worthy to “rock out” to…I mean seriously…do people even know where this gesture comes from? It’s actually a ward for the evil eye…so, it’s swirled in superstition and mystery. Is that appropriate for everyday usage?

–The Bird–Possibly the most infamous hand gesture out there…it means  F You. Why is it you see so many pictures of people throwing up this sign? Surely they can’t be telling everyone who’s taking their picture to screw off. It just boggles my mind and makes me wonder if it’s appropriate to do. I mean sure I’ve probably done when my friends have taken pictures of me (I’ve probably done the others at some point too). Seriously though, why do we do it? Is it to seem big and bad? Or some other primal idiosyncrasy in our mind?

Honestly, my opinion on the whole using awkward signs in pictures is, if you’re feeling awkward and want to try to make the awkwardness better, do nothing or go over the top. In most of the pictures that are taken of me, I follow this. You’ll either see me standing there smiling or there is something over the top going on in the picture.

Go big or go home. That’s my mentality…so, before you try to make a picture less awkward next time, think about it.

Written by uncannynerdyguy

March 19, 2010 at 5:53 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Like showing the father of modern denistry your teeth?


    September 19, 2010 at 12:43 am

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