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Clever People and Not So Clever People and Rhetoric

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I am a great people watcher. It intrigues me to sit for an hour outside and watch the people coming and going from place to place. What intrigues me even more? It’s when I hear some of the conversations that some people have as they journey to and fro. I think some conversations are brilliant while some are people trying to sound smarter than what they are. Seriously, if you don’ have a lot of intelligence, you can’t act like you have it. It’s simply something that you cannot fake.

I am reminded of a particular incident involving some people I know. I went to Germany several years ago with the choir of the college I attended. While we were there, we got to tour some beautiful cathedrals and castles. At one particular cathedral, another student said “You know, Dana (the name has been changed to protect people who may know said person), there are two kinds of Gothic architecture.” She said it in such a way that she was trying to sound like she knew something about Gothic architecture. However, in her trying to sound intelligent, she ended up sounding more dumb because while there are variations on Gothic style Gothic architecture does not have “two different kinds” no matter how you slice. This also came from a person who was excited to see a German squirrel…I was just like “Really?”.

Obviously, this person didn’t have a clue as to the gross errors in her logic. Yet, she proceeded on anyway thinking that she was right. She would fit into the group of people having the “not so bright” conversations.

Smart or nerdy people are also interesting to be around to hear conversations. They seem to speak their own languages and tend to me more intelligent on the whole which is a blessing (It can get very taxing listening to dumb people all day). These people will have stirring conversations with one another. These conversations are even more fun when they’re about something that is completely off the wall. My favorites are super power/super hero conversations. Why? Because I love super heroes. These people add spice to my day that normal conversations that most people have cannot.

But this brings me around to my point that I’ve been thinking about. While I don’t necessarily agree with cutting people down (because sometimes it can be mean and the people being taunted don’t deserve it), I like to see the intelligent people interact with their not so bright friends. The reason being that they have a different repertoire with them. They don’t necessarily talk down to them, but oftentimes, they will have to explain more and spend more time catching them up. However, this isn’t the part that catches my interest the most. You’re probably asking yourself what is he getting at, and it’s simply this: I love to hear the more intelligent friends insult those that are weaker minded because they do it by talking over them and making creative “cuts” as it were. What makes it funny for me(and I’m not laughing at the misfortune of the “dumber” friend) ? It’s the skill and thoughtfulness that the higher minded has to use so as to insult the friend but to do it in such a way that they don’ know.

It’s quite humorous how many insults like these get let go. For instance, I used to work with a woman who was not the brightest bulb. She also was one of the most annoying human beings on the earth because she liked to cause turmoil between our co-workers. Sometimes, it would be particularly wonderful for someone to insult her over her head and to watch as she laughed with us. You may think it’s cruel. I don’t know, but I take a certain satisfaction in knowing that there are still those witty people out there who can think on the fly and make something humorous out of nothing. Laughter is the best medicine. Right? To sooth over tempers and conflict. To change a bad situation into one that’s bearable.

Written by uncannynerdyguy

March 20, 2010 at 12:49 am

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