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Celebrity Cameos in Film

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So, I will be willing to admit that I am the first to either cheer or to shake my head in disdain for cameos in film. Why? Because if it’s a great film it makes me happy to see my favorite actors in the movie. However, if the movie is half-assed or stupid, I feel very sorry for the miss step that the person made. But for starters what is it that makes a cameo an actual cameo.

In my opinion, the person making the cameo has to be known across the board on some level for a cameo to count. If the person in the movie is only known in a small circle, then, they do not command the celebrity to actually be considered a cameo. For instance, people who have gained reality show fame that appear in movies are not considered a celebrity cameo in a movie. I could really care less that these people have been on Big Brother 17.5: The New Big Brother or something like that. They are celebrities. It doesn’t matter how many reality shows they’re on (most of them who are considered a “celebrity” will appear on at least 3)…Really people, I think that the whole reality show fad should die out…but that’s just me. That’s also a conversation for another time…although, I’m pretty sure my opinion is clear…

A true celebrity cameo can be a welcome breath of fresh air in a film. Most of the time, these cameos are more fun if nowhere in the advertising for the movie they mention it, such as SPOILER ALERT in Zombieland Bill Murray (making a fantastic twist to the movie), in Austin Powers in Goldmember with all the celebrities in the beginning (including Tom Cruise, Gweneth Paltrow, Kevin Spacey, Danny Devito), and in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle with the mighty Neil Patrick Harris. All of these cameos are special and fun in their own right. Each brings a wonderful surprise to the course of the movie whether or not they have any attachment to the plot of the film.

Then, you have the ones that they pimp in the  movie trailers such as Mike Tyson in The Hangover or Lou Ferigno in I Love You Man. Each of these cameos was flouted about and lived up to the expectations. Generally, cameos like this appear in comedy movies because they use them as a main drawing factor. They want to pull people in based upon the celebrity that is involved (no matter how much of a B- or C-lister they are).

Honestly, I think celebrity cameos are a delight because they are fun and random. Why would Neil Patrick Harris be out in the countryside where Kumar and Harold will find him? It doesn’t make any sense, but it made him relevant again. (Trivial sidenote, Harris was able to get into the television series How I Met Your Mother due to H&K.) Cameos are fun period unless they try to make them into something that they’re not. Mainly, a cameo should never be taken too seriously because if it is they whole concept of why that character is in the movie wouldn’t work (we start to question). Also, the thing that makes the cameo special is because the actor plays him or herself, and self parody is so funny if done right.

Cameos. Love them. Hate them. Enjoy them. Do whatever seems to tickle your fancy at the time.

Written by uncannynerdyguy

March 22, 2010 at 3:03 pm

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