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The Fine Art of Insanity

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Now, if you talk to people who are around me on a regular basis, most of them will probably tell you that I’m a little off. I know this. I’m a little “over exuberant” (a term which I used several times in an interview for a job). I’m am a little odd to say the least. However, I believe there is a fine art to being “insane”…now, I’m not saying that I’m psychotic or something like that; I’m just saying that I do and say things a little odd sometimes which is perfectly fine in my own little world (It’s okay they all know me here…j/k).

1) There is a fine line between knowing when to be crazy and when to get down to business. Now, I’ll admit that even I have a difficulty with this from time to time. I like to do random things to see people’s reaction to it. I like to burst out into a showtune and try to get people to sing along. However, there is an appropriate time and a place when you should not do this. For example, you should not do this when you with a group of people and it’s crunch time. Your “over exuberance” will not be appreciated…it will probably receive threats of some sort.

2) Funny Haha…and not so funny OMG…There are differences in the things that you can say. Random is usually good….the more off the wall, the more likely it will be appreciated and laughed at. People like to laugh at the randomness and quirks of some people (think of how Jim Carrey and Robin Williams have careers). However there is the shock comedy that some people like to try…which is mainly for attention…this comedy is not really well received (such as making jokes about people’s deaths right after they happened). This is usually frowned on and should be discouraged…

3) Know who you’re around. There are some people that will be okay with the insanity, but you should also be able to read them and see if they’re still receptive to it. There is nothing that makes a situation more awkward than someone trying to be a little off killter….and then,other people in the group get pissed. You should be able to divine other people around you’s moods or should only act “crazy” around those people who love and understand you.

4) You should be the lovable kind of “crazy”. Not the annoying kind. There are differences. The lovable crazies aren’t “on” all the time. They understand that there is a time and a place for their antics. The annoying ones usually don’t and will not restrain themselves at all…this is why they are annoying because this lack of control…

so, yeah…I think that I might be a little “insane”, but at the same time, I know that there is a time and a place for all things.

Written by uncannynerdyguy

March 29, 2010 at 11:14 pm

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