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Howard Shore: Amazingly Understated

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So, as I sit here doing some work and playing an online game, I was in a mood for something instrumental and didn’t know what to pick. Well, I have been on a LOTR movie kick lately, and I thought why don’t I listen to the soundtracks. Instantly, I fell in love again. There’s just something so tremendously understated about the music. It is just enough but not too much for every movie of the trilogy.

Why do I say it’s understated? It’s because now when do you hear of people, outside of having freshly watching the movies, talk about the score from this particular movie set. The answer: very rarely. I have a group of friends that are very “musical” people, and I don’t even think we mentioned them in awhile. But the music is incredible to say the least. From the moment we are introduced into the world of Middle-Earth, Shore starts painting the world musically as well as Peter Jackson did visually. Shore seems to have an ear for how to illustrate this magical world.

He does this very subtlety. I mean think about watching the films. Does his music ever seem to take center stage and rule what is going on on the film? No. His music is the perfect backdrop to the entire film. Even when his music is given its moment of glory, he goes for the gorgeously simple. With operatic singers such as Renee Fleming, he paints a clear and crisp tapestry of music.

Like I said, I was mesmerised by my listen through this evening and am still listening as I write this blog. I believe this music should be set up with the greats such as “The Imperial March” and others. I don’t know…it may be the emotional manipulation of the music itself, but I believe these are probably some of the best soundtracks to come out in the past 10 years.

Written by uncannynerdyguy

April 9, 2010 at 11:14 pm

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