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Summer Movies to Be Excited About?

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Honestly, I’ve only seen a few of them this summer that I think would even be worth my time. I mean sure there will be some sleeper hits (hence the name because no one knows that it’s that good), but I have failed to see many movie previews on TV or in the theaters that make me giddy with delight at the prospect of watching them.

1)Iron Man 2—Yes, it’s a sequel. I am a huge fan of the Marvel Comic Franchise, and the first movie did the characters and the story justice I thought. Robert Downey Jr. makes an incredible Tony Stark, and, even though there have been a lot of special effects, I don’t think they’ve “over-done” them yet. My only hope is that it is a good sequel and doesn’t turn out to be Spiderman 3 or X-Men 3, both of which were lackluster at best by a comic fan’s standpoint.

2) A Nightmare on Elm Street–A remake of the 80’s horror dynasty which hopes to give a rebirth to the franchise. I am looking forward to this movie only because Freddie Krueger is the kind of villain that really strikes fear into me. Why? Because he attacks in dreams, the one place that no one is safe because he’s the master of the dreams. With Jackie Earle Hayley (The guy who played Rorshach in Watchman) as Freddie, this movie should be fun regardless of whether or not I consider it “good.”

3) The A Team movie…Honestly, I know nothing about this movie other than the fact that it has Liam Neeson in it. And it looks like it should be fun…I actually saw the trailer just the other day.

Okay, so, honestly, that’s about it. If you have any suggestions out there for me, I am all ears. But if not, I think that I’ll spend my movie viewing summer at my house watching movies that I know are good.

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  1. SEX AND THE CITY 2!!!!!!!!!


    May 3, 2010 at 9:43 pm

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