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More Artwork…Possibly a Tattoo

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I know that I have been using this as a shameless forum for showing my art…I like using some of my own pics and talking about them…it helps me remember why I created them in the first place…it’s intriguing to me.

Honestly, this first drawing/watercolor is one of the freakiest that I’ve ever done.  I call it “Censorship.” It was actually done while I was working at a camp under a leader that was not open to suggestion. So, this was born of my frustration. I think it is interesting now that I chose an anatomical heart rather than a more stylized version. I also think that the symbolism of censorship and the death of ideas is pretty clear. Overall, I think it’s interesting and disturbing on some level.

The next one is actually something that I drew up as a tattoo idea that I hope to get some day. It is a blending of two different religious images that of the ankh and that of wings (kinda symbolic of angels and other creatures). The ankh is the ancient Egyptian symbol of life and has come to mean something more along the lines of eternal life. The wings also hold a fascination for me because angelic beings in mythologies are interesting. I am after all a big mythology buff…I love it, and I believe my design symbolizes that.

My last pic is of a woman reclining. I don’t know where the inspiration came for this one…I think it was a painting of Botticelli. As you can see, this is done in very bright watercolor pencils.

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May 5, 2010 at 8:37 pm

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