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Honesty…Is It Always the Best Policy?

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In my experience, it is always better to be honest with those around you because it will make you a viable witness and a trusted individual. Personally, I would like for everyone around me to be honest because I think it helps make the world more cohesive. However, today, I got a call about a job. Now, I have recently went on summer break from the school that I’ve been working for, and I need a job. It’s just the fact of the matter. Yet, when they asked me what type of work I was looking for, I told them that I was just looking for summer employment to which they promptly said they weren’t looking for.

I was like Damn…there goes one of the businesses that I thought might be a sure thing, but apparently, it wasn’t. Would it have been better for me to lie? Chances are I would have gotten an interview and been hired fairly quickly. Yet, my conscience told them exactly what they didn’t want to hear. I mean honestly I could have told them anything, and then, I would have felt guilty because I don’t like to deceive people. It is not my nature.

However, would it have been better if I had of lied? I tell myself no, but part of me tries to rationalize and say that everyone does it to some degree. I mean think about the last time you passed a co-worker, and they asked you how you were doing. Did you immediately unload all of you problems on them? No, because telling them that you’re okay isn’t going to cause conflict. (Point to be made also…people aren’t really expecting an honest answer to this question if they’re not a really, really good friend…but that’s a blog for another time.) I know for myself that I did the right thing, but should doing the right thing cost me the potential of something like a job? Hmmm….it bothers me on some level….but, oh well!

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May 6, 2010 at 12:31 am

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