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The End of Battlestar Galactica *Spoiler Alert*

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So, recently (yesterday as a matter of fact), I watched the end of the tv series “Battlestar Galactica” and was kind disappointed in a lot of ways.

1) The fact that only one main character died. In a tv series like BG, with the tone of the show, I expected many people to die in the final episodes. I mean look at the whole of the show. People died like whoa for the longest time, and in the last episode, the only one who dies is the president who has been dying for the final season. Now, some people might say that I’m blood thirsty; however, I think that with a show like this one it can’t end as happily as it does.

2) The whole multiple endings ending…It’s annoying to be watching the end of something and for them to have an ending that would have sufficed for the end…and then, they move right along to another. To me, it just irritates because I think “Oh, this is the end” and then nothing…

3) The Baltar and Caprica Six seeing each other in “day-dream visions”…I don’t like that they explained this as being “God.” Why? Because there are so many other things within the realm of the show that could be so much more logical. Like Baltar is able to “Project” with the Six. I just think that on some level this was a cop out…The one thing that is kinda interesting to me is the parallel that Cylon Godlike the one in Christian Mythology  is able to use the worst of the worst… Hmmm….

I appreciated the Starbuck storyline. She was probably one of my favorite characters throughout the whole of the series, and I thought the idea behind her is interesting because it was really off the beaten track. I didn’t expect her to not be there in the end…which kinda bummed me out…I’m not going to lie…*sigh*…

Honestly, I think my major issue with the end is that they tried to wrap up everything. Honestly, I don’t expect a show to tie up everything in a one hour package. So, yeah…

Written by uncannynerdyguy

October 3, 2010 at 10:10 pm

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