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No, I’m not talking about Joan Rivers’s age. I’m not talking about a legendary group of Spartans played by Gerard Butler…sans about 100 of them….I might be talking about monetary compensation that you could give me if you want, but that’s entirely up to you (please say yes). Really, I’m talking about the number of posts that I have made on my blog. 200 is a big number for me. Why? Because usually I can’t commit to something that long and keep going with fresh randomness…or B. S. whatever you wish to call it…

One might ask me at this juncture why is it that I choose to blog? This is an excellent question because when I first heard of blogging I wondered what kind of people do it, and what is the motivation? Soon after starting I discovered why. It’s an amazing outlet to bounce ideas off of other people…it allows you to write something that isn’t judged upon its academic merit…you are judged by the interest in your piece. It’s actually quite freeing. You write for an audience of bloggers or friends that they might receive some of the knowledge that you have to impart.

The main reason that I blog though is to alleviate frustrations that I may be feeling in everyday life…basically, it’s like an online journal except that I know other people might be out there reading and thinking “Oh God! That sounds exactly like me.” There’s something about feeling connected to the world at large via words and rhetoric that makes you feel one with humanity that a social networking site cannot do. Maybe I am spewing a load of crap here…maybe it’s my slightly sleep deprived brain…who knows? Maybe I’m not real at all. Maybe I’m a figment of your collective imaginations….

Written by uncannynerdyguy

October 6, 2010 at 8:38 am

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