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Fear 91 of 101: Creepy Dolls / Marionettes / Etc.

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By Anna Bauer (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

So, recently, I watched The Woman in Black starring Harry Potter alum Daniel Radcliffe. It actually wasn’t a terrible movie. Matter-of-factly, it was my kind of scary movie where much of the action is suggested rather than seen with buckets of blood and gore to boot. However, while watching, I was reminded of something else that unnerves me to look at it… Dolls, marionettes, and other creepy toys with their soulless eyes and off-putting faces with the weird smiles (of fanged teeth… as shown in the movie). The creepy factor of such things make them my 91 0f 101 Fears Countdown (and yes, I know that this is the first one in a while…).

Why are dolls and things like this that scary / creepy / “Oh God! Don’t let it eat my face!”-y?

1) Growing up in the era of the “Child’s Play” movies, the idea that the doll might come to life and kill me was something that I dealt with as a child that sends a shiver up my spine whenever I see one in a haunted house movie or anything else. This is also amped up in most movies that contain a haunting because the toys themselves move on their own… this adds to that little bit of claustrophobia because there is nowhere to go if the toys themselves are attacking you.

2) The sound of a toy in the night. I’m sure that you’ve all been there in your dark house lying in bed, and you hear a chuckle from down the hall… it’s a creepy effect… it’s a little unsettling. This ethereal kind of sound, the disembodied voice is awful… enough said… Well, maybe not quite enough… the fact that dolls are becoming increasingly more mechanized makes what they can do and the creep factor explode a little more (whereas the ghost houses make toys move… now, the toys that children play with are doing what ghosts and ghouls could never dream of…).

3) Now, going to the specific of the marionettes… there’s always something creepy about the boldness of the facial design of most marionettes… they are either incredibly happy or drastically depressed… there is no in-between… Also, the fact that they are being controlled by some one is a little creepy as well… yeah…

Nationalmuseet [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

So there you have it… why dolls are creepy / scary and why they make the list of my top 101 fears…

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February 7, 2012 at 2:28 pm

Fear 92 of 101: Meeting New People

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While this may not be a fear of some people, I am not a person who necessarily likes meeting new people simply because I’m not good at it. There are many reasons for this.

1) I always make a bad first impression. I am a little bit of an outspoken individual and can come off brash and as an asshole. So, knowing this about myself, I always try to be a little more reserved and observant the first few times the I meet people…so yeah…

2) I’m at that stage in my life where the scope of people that I’m around is pretty much constantly changing…so, I have to meet new people on regular occasion. For instance, I am being pretty quiet in a class that I’m in because I don’t really know any of the people in there…however, the majority of these people will never matter to me. And my path and those who do will diverge quickly.

3) I find most people to be either annoying, useless,  bearable, or likable (I categorize well in my mind). There are very few people that I click with automatically, and there are others that I’m okay with being around them…the rest, I could care less about. Having to meet people and find out that the majority of them fit into the first two categories usually makes me quite sad…but those few that make me have faith in humanity are good.

Overall, it’s an inevitability of life because we all move, and we all move on. But part of the romantic in me hopes that I can keep in touch with people even as I feel some of them slipping out of my fingers like sand in a sieve…Whatever shall be done? I answer we must try to carry on the best we can and meet people…even to our detriment…

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September 20, 2011 at 9:19 pm

Art for Sanity’s Sake

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So, with the school year coming to a close, I have been without things to do (this is partially because I have not had a job until this last week…Yay for a job!). When I get really bored things can get bad for those around me…I like to rearrange furniture, clean like there’s no tomorrow, etc. Therefore, I like to do other crafty and artistic things to occupy my time. So, I give you some of the fruits of my labor as  a result of this. I hope you enjoy.

(Left):This one that is acrylics on canvas…it is actually a painting that has been in the works for a while because I started with the blue background and then couldn’t decide what to do with it. Finally, I did something…I don’t quite know how I feel about this one yet…it’s a bit too sunshiny and cheery for my taste.

(Right):The other one is also acrylics on canvas. It was done by using water to help dilute the paint. I find it to be an interesting one simply because it was the first time I had ever tried the water trick.

So yeah, I will continue to paint I suppose because it helps alleviate stress and keeps me sane. I might recommend it to others out there too.






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May 29, 2011 at 9:11 pm

Fear 93 of 101: Styrofoam

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It might sound like something weird…and quite possibly it might be one of the weirdest fears that I will write about here. Now some may question just what is so scary about…really, it’s not that scary…it’s just a rather annoying synthetic monstrosity…

**The Sound– I’m sure that you all know the sound that it makes when you rub it or when it is removed from the box…the high pitched  “EEEEEE” sound makes my skin crawl…God, it’s just awful.

**The fact that it is not biodegradable– It stays forever since…makes it seem like it might take over the world…yeah…

So, yeah…styrofoam is a crazy thing…I don’t like it one bit…yeah…

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May 26, 2011 at 5:08 pm

I’m Barry, and I’m an Addict

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So, recently, I have become enamored with the website. Now, it’s not that the website is new to me because we all know that people go overboard when they come into contact with new things. However, this is not the case for me. I have known about for at least a couple of years if not more, and in that time period, I have not been nearly as engrossed as I have become in the last little bit. Why you might ask is this even possible? Well, let me enlighten you how I’ve been drawn in.


1) Ease of access– Ever since I got my first smart phone in November, I have had the imdb website at my finger tips. This accessibility has allowed me to look up my every query right when they happen. Was Billy Bob Thorton married to Angelina Jolie (purely hypothetical question…I know that they were…down to some of the creepier details)? I can find out at the touch of an app button.

2) Being in Grad. School– Now, I know that this one might seem a little counter-intuitive, but I have looked up more things as a result of working on papers and things simply because of my writing process ( I have to have something on in the  background to be able to work). Sometimes while I’m watching/ working, actors and actresses will suddenly connect up in my mind in some weird way, and I must find out things about them.

3) The Game of Connections– One night when I was a little bored, I developed a game on the website. Usually, it started by looking up an actor or actress and then finding a movie they were in. Then, I went to the movie and looked for other actors and actresses that I recognized. Then, I clicked on them and found a movie and repeated the other step. I would do this until I couldn’t find someone or some movie that I knew (this was without repeating movies or stars…). Honestly, this game is kind of addictive….you should try it and see.


So, yeah, I have become an addict of imdb. However, it keeps me involved in the movie world, and I get to have some fun doing it. Plus, I’m willing to bet I know some facts about celebs / movies that would boggle your mind. 🙂

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May 6, 2011 at 11:54 pm

Review of Sucker Punch

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So, I recently went to watch Sucker Punch with my roommate yesterday and was both pleasantly surprised and equally frustrated by the movie. Moreover, I don’t know how many of you out there have seen it, but it was quite enjoyable for me. However, I can see why a lot of the critics out there panned this movie…yet, I offer my views on it so that other people will get a little insight into it.

*Spoiler Alert* from this point on.

First off, the movie stars Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, and others. The story revolves around Baby Doll (Browning) whose mother has died and stepfather is a pedophile (or at least that was my thought as he went after her sister). However, her sister gets killed, and Baby Doll gets put in a mental institution where she will be lobotomized in 5 days. In that time, we are entered into a world of a  brothel of dancers which is compounded into a fantastical world of mech soldiers, nazi zombies, dragons, and more (let’s just say that it’s every fanboy’s wet dream….nerdiness + hot chicks).


The Acting: I will say that the acting was okay for the most part…not great but decent. The best of the cast was Jena Malone and Abbie Cornish, playing sisters. Also, the idea that Sweat Pea’s (Cornish’s) story is actually the one telling the story is interesting.

The Music: Rethinking such rock hits as “Sweet Dreams,” “White Rabbit,” “I Want It All / We Will Rock You,” and contributing new songs, the music was pretty fantastic. “White Rabbit” as an orchestral arrangement is pretty phenomenal. Overall, good.

The Plot / Story: I liked the complexity of the story (i.e. the story within a story within a story within another story). However, I thought that there were parts that could have been made a little more clear and understandable. Honestly, I spent the majority of the movie wondering which of the “frame” narratives was the “real” world: either the brothel or the insane asylum. I thought that the times that were in the more fantastical world was interesting because of the interesting way that Zach Snyder weaves together the various aspects of the fantastical into an interesting way. Still, it was a bit predictable in some ways because I found myself thinking that some of the things were going to happen (I won’t bore people with details…in case they are wanting to watch the movie themselves).

So, overall, I would recommend a watch in the movie theater due to the fantastical nature of the visuals and the music. But go to a matinée to save a few bucks.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 Coconuts

Fear 95 of 101: Vampires that Sparkle

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My 95th spot on this count down belongs to the vampires of Twilight. Some of you have probably read my rant about these books and movies…however, the ideologies go much deeper than that. The main reason for this is because I can’t respect vampires that sparkle. Moreover, if they did exist and sparkled, I believe I would be frightened simply because they lack the scariness of the folkloric vampire. I want my vampire to try to rip my throat out or something along those lines simply because the wimpy vampire is just lacking.

**The degradation of the vampire mythos–While I understand that the figure of the vampire can be manipulated a bit, the idea of vampires sparkling is pretty ludicrous because in folklore they creatures of the night and darkness…and while Meyer is trying to do something different, she pretty much…strike that…she bastardizes the ideas of vampire folklore that has existed for centuries.

**The fact that teenagers and forty plus women are swooning over something this lame–Yeah, I don’t think I have to go further with this one.

**The idea that someone has made some much money off the bastardizing of folklore–I love folklore and mythology. It’s kinda one of the things that I do, and I hate the disturbing trend of late in which people decide that it’s okay to completely manipulate a creature to their own devices….it’s been happening for a while; however, it’s happening more so of late. Meyer’s vampires are just one example of this…yeah…

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April 8, 2011 at 9:35 am