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Cleaning Out from the Move:Spiral Notebooks and Untold Potential

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Yesterday, I was cleaning out some of the boxes that I still had only partially went through since I moved to my new locale…I’m sure that everyone understands this…it was the dreaded “OMG WTF could be in these boxes” boxes…well, I realized that they were a storehouse of a lot of random stuff, such as under graduate essays and other material of that sort, a few outdated textbooks, and more than that…Well, I came to realize as I was sorting things for the trash and things that I thought of keeping that I cannot bring myself to throw out spiral bound notebooks…

This may sound like a weird confession; however, I never know what gems might be in them that I don’t even know are gems yet…This statement may sound a little strange, but I am a person who constantly doodles and writes in the margin of notebooks as I am in class taking notes and doing whatever that class may require of me…So, my plan for the next few days is to look at said notebooks and assess their viability. Maybe I will find a gem that turns into the next great American novel…who knows?

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May 18, 2011 at 8:16 pm

Fear 96 of 101: People Wearing White Linen Pants and Shorts

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So, recently, on the campus that I work at / go to, I have seen an increasing number of people (both male and female) wearing white linen pants. Moreover, these pants are sheer…which isn’t so bad unless you see that the people are going commando under them. Both of the people I have seen of late were not wearing any underwear, and let’s just say that nothing was left to the imagination. Now, I’m all for people feeling free in their own skin, but I am not a fan of seeing another guy’s or woman’s genitalia while I’m walking about doing my daily activities.


**Sheerness levels increase and decrease–For both of these individuals that I saw, it made me wonder what they would do if they got especially sweaty or if it decided to rain that day…Then, we go from sheer with the partial view to complete peepshow…I honestly don’t understand why people would do this because you’re out there, both figuratively and literally.

**God forbid they should not cleanse themselves when going to the bathroom–I don’t feel like I should have to spell this one out…so, I’m not going to…yeah…

My suggestion is either 1) don’t wear the pants like this because they freak people out (I know personally I can’t have a serious conversation with anyone wearing these sheer pants like this…why? Because I’m sitting there going “don’t make eye contact with it…) or 2) wear some damn underwear (I know that it might not look the best in the world because the pants are the aforementioned sheer…but no one really wants to see what you’re packing downstairs [unless otherwise indicated in some other manner]). So, yeah….

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March 18, 2011 at 10:23 pm


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Here I sit………..

……The ideas refuse to flow

Through me………

The stark, white smile of the page

Mocks me………….

…..Will I talk about Milton,

Robinson Crusoe, or the fact that

My mind feels like a flat tire, the

Substance is there but it just won’t roll

………….I’ve heard that ideas come strike

Like Lightning. Funny thing is I’ve been sitting in the

Middle of this mental storm and my lightning rod fails

To get stricken….sigh….

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October 19, 2010 at 10:34 pm

The World or Something Like It

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Clarity is rarely afforded

To the masses.

Driving in our cars

Listening to our music

Flipping off the other

Cutting into our lane.

A silicon dream bought by

Blood and sweat and rage.

Can we fix it?!?

No, we can’t.

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October 14, 2010 at 11:34 am


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No, I’m not talking about Joan Rivers’s age. I’m not talking about a legendary group of Spartans played by Gerard Butler…sans about 100 of them….I might be talking about monetary compensation that you could give me if you want, but that’s entirely up to you (please say yes). Really, I’m talking about the number of posts that I have made on my blog. 200 is a big number for me. Why? Because usually I can’t commit to something that long and keep going with fresh randomness…or B. S. whatever you wish to call it…

One might ask me at this juncture why is it that I choose to blog? This is an excellent question because when I first heard of blogging I wondered what kind of people do it, and what is the motivation? Soon after starting I discovered why. It’s an amazing outlet to bounce ideas off of other people…it allows you to write something that isn’t judged upon its academic merit…you are judged by the interest in your piece. It’s actually quite freeing. You write for an audience of bloggers or friends that they might receive some of the knowledge that you have to impart.

The main reason that I blog though is to alleviate frustrations that I may be feeling in everyday life…basically, it’s like an online journal except that I know other people might be out there reading and thinking “Oh God! That sounds exactly like me.” There’s something about feeling connected to the world at large via words and rhetoric that makes you feel one with humanity that a social networking site cannot do. Maybe I am spewing a load of crap here…maybe it’s my slightly sleep deprived brain…who knows? Maybe I’m not real at all. Maybe I’m a figment of your collective imaginations….

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October 6, 2010 at 8:38 am

Mental Gymnastics

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My mind feels like a butterfly clamped between the thumb and index finger of a young child…You may be wondering how something like this may be relevant to my random stream of thought in the world at large and on some hand it might not be connected at all…or maybe it’s more interconnected that anyone could ever dream.

In the past few weeks, I have went from working a job at a Kroger in Nashville doing multiple different things. On my off days, I would try to coordinate an upcoming move (which has just happened, matter-of-factly, I just moved…more on that in a bit). It was hectic to say the least between people needing me to do my job at the company and me needing well me to get prepared for a change of scenery.

The move finally happened, and now, I am settling into a new place. New apartment, new people, new job, new station in life for a while, new…well everything. I know that I might not have mentioned this in my blog thus far, but I am embarking on a new journey into a graduate program. As of right now, I don’t know what to think or feel other than nervous and a little scared because I’ve been out of formal academic classroom setting for a couple of years. I am antsy overall. To top this, I feel like a little fish in a big pond to use a very clichéd simile. I don’t know what to expect and am questioning my validity somewhat. Maybe it’s the first week jitters…who knows?

All I know is that I hope that as I begin to settle into a routine and get some semblance of familiarity and balance that life will begin to not feel like I am flapping fruitlessly in the chubby fingers of some child. While there is much more I could write, I believe that I might be sounding whiny or bitchy in some way…sooooo, I think that it’s better if I just leave it at that. C’est la vie.

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August 18, 2010 at 2:20 pm

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Covers of Songs: Better or Bleh *Glee Spoiler*

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Everyone has heard at least one cover of a song and cringed. Some people wonder why musicians even do covers. I mean why don’t they do their own songs, right? But here’s the thing, people like to pay homage to those whose songs they admire. It’s nice in concept; however, sometimes the musicians don’t live up to the previous performers artistry.

Tonight, I was watching Glee which is based on nothing but covers. Most of them are great because the people who arrange the music do a good job of it. However, every once in a while, an oddity gets through. Tonight, they did a version of the Lady Gaga song “Poker Face” which I thought was a little odd for the situation. Shelby and Rachel (now knowing each other to be mother and daughter respectively)…and they sing this song which kinda hits, but at the same time with the connotations of bisexuality that are in the song, comes out odd…I’m still out on the version. Lea Michelle and Idina Menzel do a great job of the song (of course with Idina pulling her only learning her part of the vocals thing…she doesn’t sing the melody in the place that she should….but anyway…). I liked it, but I’m torn on if it made sense for them to sing to each other.

But back to the covers things, my opinion on them is that they should truly pay tribute to the original and should be explosive and as good or they should be completely different because when performing someone else’s song there are already preconceptions. One of my favorite covers that came back into my mind recently is “Holding Out for a Hero” originally performed by Bonnie Tyler. The version that I speak about is in Shrek 2. The Fairy Godmother (voiced by Jennifer Saunders) performs it. It’s fun and keeps the original heart of the song…so, yeah…here’s that cover if you’ve never seen it. Enjoy!

A Thought

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Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about super heroes, which probably doesn’t shock anyone out there. But I’ve come to a conclusion about my thoughts. I want to write something that is super hero based and see where it takes me. I have always been interested in them. Why shouldn’t I at least pay tribute to this in writing?

Now, I know that I am another fanboy thinking about writing about something that he loves. I am not under any delusion that what I write is going to be amazing. But I think that it will be interesting and will be something for me.

Now to my idea. My thought is about what happens to some of the B-list superheroes after they have become older. What happens to them when the only ones who remember their names are the ones that seem to still try to get to them for past transgressions? I would want to deal centrally around characters that people don’t necessarily know. Now, given, some of them will have to be known because for an off character to exist there has to be some notable around them.

As much as I don’t really like him, I am pondering using Quicksilver from the X-Men/X-Factor as my central character. I would make him older somehow whether this be by natural aging or because he has an unstable molecular structure due to his “superspeed’ tendencies. I would want to develop this idea out, but in my head, I already have a villain and motivations as to why this idea might work.

I will continue to keep toying with this in my mind. There are still a lot of variables to negotiate, but I’m going to try to put something together really soon.

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May 11, 2010 at 11:07 pm

Honesty…Is It Always the Best Policy?

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In my experience, it is always better to be honest with those around you because it will make you a viable witness and a trusted individual. Personally, I would like for everyone around me to be honest because I think it helps make the world more cohesive. However, today, I got a call about a job. Now, I have recently went on summer break from the school that I’ve been working for, and I need a job. It’s just the fact of the matter. Yet, when they asked me what type of work I was looking for, I told them that I was just looking for summer employment to which they promptly said they weren’t looking for.

I was like Damn…there goes one of the businesses that I thought might be a sure thing, but apparently, it wasn’t. Would it have been better for me to lie? Chances are I would have gotten an interview and been hired fairly quickly. Yet, my conscience told them exactly what they didn’t want to hear. I mean honestly I could have told them anything, and then, I would have felt guilty because I don’t like to deceive people. It is not my nature.

However, would it have been better if I had of lied? I tell myself no, but part of me tries to rationalize and say that everyone does it to some degree. I mean think about the last time you passed a co-worker, and they asked you how you were doing. Did you immediately unload all of you problems on them? No, because telling them that you’re okay isn’t going to cause conflict. (Point to be made also…people aren’t really expecting an honest answer to this question if they’re not a really, really good friend…but that’s a blog for another time.) I know for myself that I did the right thing, but should doing the right thing cost me the potential of something like a job? Hmmm….it bothers me on some level….but, oh well!

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May 6, 2010 at 12:31 am

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Friendship and Terms of Endearment

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So, I have been thinking a lot recently about terms of endearment and how they apply to friendships that I have around me on a regular basis. Now, if anyone heard us having a normal conversation, they would probably think that we were not that close of friends. The reason being terms such as Douche Bag, Bitch, Asshole, and others are parlayed about pretty flippantly. To them, it would probably sound like we were angry at each other. However, quite the opposite is occurring.

My friends and I are not unusual for the age group that we are in, the transition period between being a teenager and being an adult…the true “young adult” phase. It just so happens that using terms such as those previously mentioned are now so overused that they have become as prevalent as showing of friendly love as terms such as BFF or best friend. It’s all a generational thing I believe. As the language has become less faux pas, we have started to incorporate “dirty” or “taboo” words into our normal vernacular. Honestly, I am not bothered by this phenomenon. I come from the stand point that words are words. We are the ones who give them power. If my friend wants to call me a bitch to express his/her friendship with me, who am I to say that this is wrong or right? I mean I’m liable to call them something similar in return.

The fact remains that the “norm” of what is expected of people to say and do to each other has shifted tremendously over the past few decades. Now, you’re liable to hear any and everything being said if you peruse  groups of people. Who knows? Maybe someone will call you with a term of endearment out a crowd.

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April 9, 2010 at 5:02 pm