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“Alice in Deadland” : A Review

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Interesting premise that is very rough around the edges.

Pros: I thought that the idea for the book itself was quite intriguing. Alice in Wonderland + Zombies = Sounds like it would equal awesome.

There are moments when I felt that the book was picking up and that a ray of hope was beaming through to me.

It was cheap on Kindle

Cons: The novel could have used a good copy editor to go through and help streamline the text. For example, the author mentions Alice’s prowess as a warrior / fighter ever few pages. Or the story saying one thing and completely contradicting itself a few page flips later (not knowing who ran a corporation and, then, we have an idea).

The characters felt very static and were used in such a way that they were just pawns to move the story forward, rather than becoming fleshed out individuals who we as readers can interact with.

Deus ex zombia is ever present throughout because after the first little while of the novel we only see the zombies come into the story to save Alice. Quite frankly, I expected more zombie action.

All in all, if you want a fast read that is mildly entertaining like a Sci-Fi original movie, go for it. If you’re wanting something more, yeah… look again.

Written by uncannynerdyguy

June 14, 2013 at 10:04 pm

Halloween Costumes that I’m not Excited to See

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As Halloween gets closer, I begin to think of Halloween costumes. Mainly, I am focusing on what I want to be…and believe me this is a tall order because I try to go for interesting and odd costumes that have varying purposes but enough about me. I’ve been thinking about it the last few days and realized some of the costumes that we might see from people who are caught up in the fads of the here and now.

1) The Mad Hatter and other Alice in Wonderland characters. Good God, I hope that I don’t see a bevy of these characters this Halloween…even though, I know that I will. Due to the success of the movie and it being one of Johnny Depp’s eccentric characters, I feel that the Mad Hatter will be a staple for both children and adults. Why? I don’t really understand…quite frankly, I thought it was a mediocre performance in a movie that was only okay (I can hear the comments from Johnny Depp fans now…and it’s already grating). I don’t see why people would want to imitate this…and do so poorly. Let’s face it. No matter how good of a makeup artist you are, the local Halloween costumes and makeup from your local Walgreen’s or Wal-Mart cannot make you look like the professional quality Mad Hatter from the film (you also have to take digital effects into account too).

2) Avatar. You are not a blue alien from another planet…why pretend to be one and do it poorly. James Cameron’s movie was pretty amazing visually. The Na’vi are a computer generated race. I don’t know that a professional, movie make-up crew could effectively do it…so, I don’t know that we as normal people who have not experience in turning others into creatures could. Don’t get me wrong…I wish we could transform ourselves, but we can’t.  So, get over it and move on. Also, please don’t try to be a Na’vi who is skinny and be a 300 pound person in a loin cloth…it just doesn’t bode well…

3) Edward and Bella. It doesn’t take much to look like a douchey vampire “teen” and his emotionally dead piece of meat…that’s all I’m saying. They have an unhealthy relationship and just because you think it’s a beautiful love story doesn’t make it okay. If I see people dressed like this and they are sincere about wearing the costumes, I will heckle them…yeah…

So, there you have it. On Halloween when I go to my door or to Halloween Parties, I will be on the look out for such costumes. I will try my best to avoid you, but if you persist in trying to chat with me, I might have to tell you like it is…Sorry.