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Fear 92 of 101: Meeting New People

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While this may not be a fear of some people, I am not a person who necessarily likes meeting new people simply because I’m not good at it. There are many reasons for this.

1) I always make a bad first impression. I am a little bit of an outspoken individual and can come off brash and as an asshole. So, knowing this about myself, I always try to be a little more reserved and observant the first few times the I meet people…so yeah…

2) I’m at that stage in my life where the scope of people that I’m around is pretty much constantly changing…so, I have to meet new people on regular occasion. For instance, I am being pretty quiet in a class that I’m in because I don’t really know any of the people in there…however, the majority of these people will never matter to me. And my path and those who do will diverge quickly.

3) I find most people to be either annoying, useless,  bearable, or likable (I categorize well in my mind). There are very few people that I click with automatically, and there are others that I’m okay with being around them…the rest, I could care less about. Having to meet people and find out that the majority of them fit into the first two categories usually makes me quite sad…but those few that make me have faith in humanity are good.

Overall, it’s an inevitability of life because we all move, and we all move on. But part of the romantic in me hopes that I can keep in touch with people even as I feel some of them slipping out of my fingers like sand in a sieve…Whatever shall be done? I answer we must try to carry on the best we can and meet people…even to our detriment…

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September 20, 2011 at 9:19 pm

Condescending Phrases: Really? Why not just say it?

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So, this morning I awoke to the sound of thunder crashing, rain hitting my windows, and the sound of my smartphone saying that I had an email. Being the compulsive email checker that I am, I immediately opened it (this is due to a job that I have at the moment…I like to stay connected and much of it is done through email…but anyway). From glancing at my phone, I realized that I had two: one from Big Lots proclaiming that my ad was ready and the other one that said from Me to Me, which I thought was weird. So, I opened this one post haste…and found an email from someone (can’t reveal too much due to reasons that are beyond me…we’ll call them God…yes or maybe Carol Channing) who said “With all due respect”…and yeah….

Alright, I’ll admit for me I had to show a lot of self-restraint…especially to someone who I have never seen nor met…Why one might ask? Well, it makes it easier for me to be an asshole if I’ve never really met a person. Moreover, the phrase “With all due respect” is notoriously condescending in my mind. I mean yes I understand that the person is trying to be nice and say to me that I respect what you have said, but…there’s always the but. Honestly, I don’t necessarily think that one can respect something and immediately turn around and undermine the person’s authority. Needless to say, I would respect some one like this more if they said that they “respectfully disagree”…I feel that this would be a more appropriate phrase to put in email or writing. Again, one might ask why? I feel as though that this is saying it all up front. I’m going to disagree with you from the beginning…alright, I would probably just tell the person that I disagree with them because I’m that kind of person…the respectfully just makes it a little more formal in my mind, which may be going against all that I’ve written to this point but I’m still a little irritated by the person’s email.

So, yeah, it’s always fun answering emails and other forms of correspondence from people who send you items like this. The reason is that you know no matter what you say or do that they are not going to be satisfied with your answers because they’ve already written you off as a casualty to their skewed sense of self-perception. Honestly, these people would probably not fall into the 2% of the world that I could coexist peacefully. My PSA would be before you put this phrase in something you send to someone you perceive to be a lesser think about it and just tell them that you disagree because no matter how you polish it, a condescending turd is a condescending turd is a condescending turd…

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June 28, 2011 at 10:07 am

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The Fine Art of Insanity

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Now, if you talk to people who are around me on a regular basis, most of them will probably tell you that I’m a little off. I know this. I’m a little “over exuberant” (a term which I used several times in an interview for a job). I’m am a little odd to say the least. However, I believe there is a fine art to being “insane”…now, I’m not saying that I’m psychotic or something like that; I’m just saying that I do and say things a little odd sometimes which is perfectly fine in my own little world (It’s okay they all know me here…j/k).

1) There is a fine line between knowing when to be crazy and when to get down to business. Now, I’ll admit that even I have a difficulty with this from time to time. I like to do random things to see people’s reaction to it. I like to burst out into a showtune and try to get people to sing along. However, there is an appropriate time and a place when you should not do this. For example, you should not do this when you with a group of people and it’s crunch time. Your “over exuberance” will not be appreciated…it will probably receive threats of some sort.

2) Funny Haha…and not so funny OMG…There are differences in the things that you can say. Random is usually good….the more off the wall, the more likely it will be appreciated and laughed at. People like to laugh at the randomness and quirks of some people (think of how Jim Carrey and Robin Williams have careers). However there is the shock comedy that some people like to try…which is mainly for attention…this comedy is not really well received (such as making jokes about people’s deaths right after they happened). This is usually frowned on and should be discouraged…

3) Know who you’re around. There are some people that will be okay with the insanity, but you should also be able to read them and see if they’re still receptive to it. There is nothing that makes a situation more awkward than someone trying to be a little off killter….and then,other people in the group get pissed. You should be able to divine other people around you’s moods or should only act “crazy” around those people who love and understand you.

4) You should be the lovable kind of “crazy”. Not the annoying kind. There are differences. The lovable crazies aren’t “on” all the time. They understand that there is a time and a place for their antics. The annoying ones usually don’t and will not restrain themselves at all…this is why they are annoying because this lack of control…

so, yeah…I think that I might be a little “insane”, but at the same time, I know that there is a time and a place for all things.

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March 29, 2010 at 11:14 pm

Opinions: Like a Butthole

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I am an opinionated person myself. However, I never claim to have an opinion on everything. Quite frankly, there are just some things that I don’t give a damn about. In my mind, there are three types of people who fall somewhere along a spectrum if you will.

1.The first being those who don’t really care one way or another on most subjects. These people are often times referred to as apathetic which is cool. If you can go through life without really caring about things (other than the big things), I say more power to you. One thing I will stress about these people is that they do have opinions about subjects but generally only share them with certain people.

2. People who have opinions and know when they should share them. This is the group that most people fit into. The people in this group usually share their minds when something piques their interest such as a comic book conversation, politics, religion, etc. This group also tends to have information to back up their perspective that they’re trying to get across (i.e. they “know” something about what they’re talking about). These persons tend to be very agreeable unless you willingly push their buttons to try to get a rise out of them.

3. The final group….these are the people who have an opinion about everything and will share it with anything that sits still long enough. These are the people that all the other groups find a little annoying because no matter how smart you are no one knows something about everything. That segways into another point: these people tend to think that they are very, very intelligent people. Now, don’t get me wrong. These people may be intelligent, but there is always a limit….just because you have read some X-Men comics doesn’t make you an expert on the X-Men or you have talked with a Muslim doesn’t make you an expert on Islam…One more thing about these people, not only do they think they know something about everything…they also believe that they are never wrong which will frustrate all those level 1’s and 2’s out there….it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re right because they “always” are.

 In the end it’s like my Grandpa used to say, “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.” So, the next time you think about butting into a conversation I would suggest thinking about whether you’re a 1, 2, or 3.

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February 18, 2010 at 10:00 am