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Total Eclipse: A Desperate Love Song

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So, today, I got the opportunity to attend the wedding of a very good friend of mine. During the wedding, the music was very well placed (not nearly as much music as I would have suspected from said friend…but that’s beside the point). However, it got me in the mood to look at my iTunes library. While doing so, I realized of my copious gigabytes of music I have 330 songs that mention the word love somewhere in their title. That’s not including those that mention love but don’t directly do so in their title. It got me to thinking about love songs. And I settled upon one of my favorites “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.

Now, some people may think that it’s a weird choice. However, I think that it speaks to something inside of each person. It speaks of that love that people desire to feel. The love another person feels that is like the sun or a “shadow on [us] all of the time.” Love is one of those things that no one can truly understand until it happens to them. It’s a very ephemeral thing which is wonderful when people find it. 

The song itself is an 80’s power ballad that everyone knows. Performed originally by Bonnie Tyler (who owns the song by the way), the song has had many incarnations including placement in a German Rock Opera called Tanz der Vampire and in the show Glee. All the versions are interesting to me and good in different ways. Tyler’s version is the quintessential version with    80’s-rific sound and a video to match. The Tanz version has beautiful harmonies and striking people performing it (excpet Kevin Tarte…I can’t approve of a vampire who sings in the daytime on a part bench regardless of the promotional stunt…it’s unseemly). The Glee version is performed admirably by Lea Michelle and Jonathan Groff and is edited well.

Why do I say that it’s a desperate love song? Well, listen to the lyrics. It’s about someone who has had love and now feels like they may lose it. They feel like they’re going to have a “total eclipse of the heart”. However, they are assured by their unheard lover that they should “turn around, bright eyes” because they will find the other person waiting for them.

Needless to say, I wish my friends the best as they embark on this new experience together. May they “hold on forever.”

Covers of Songs: Better or Bleh *Glee Spoiler*

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Everyone has heard at least one cover of a song and cringed. Some people wonder why musicians even do covers. I mean why don’t they do their own songs, right? But here’s the thing, people like to pay homage to those whose songs they admire. It’s nice in concept; however, sometimes the musicians don’t live up to the previous performers artistry.

Tonight, I was watching Glee which is based on nothing but covers. Most of them are great because the people who arrange the music do a good job of it. However, every once in a while, an oddity gets through. Tonight, they did a version of the Lady Gaga song “Poker Face” which I thought was a little odd for the situation. Shelby and Rachel (now knowing each other to be mother and daughter respectively)…and they sing this song which kinda hits, but at the same time with the connotations of bisexuality that are in the song, comes out odd…I’m still out on the version. Lea Michelle and Idina Menzel do a great job of the song (of course with Idina pulling her only learning her part of the vocals thing…she doesn’t sing the melody in the place that she should….but anyway…). I liked it, but I’m torn on if it made sense for them to sing to each other.

But back to the covers things, my opinion on them is that they should truly pay tribute to the original and should be explosive and as good or they should be completely different because when performing someone else’s song there are already preconceptions. One of my favorite covers that came back into my mind recently is “Holding Out for a Hero” originally performed by Bonnie Tyler. The version that I speak about is in Shrek 2. The Fairy Godmother (voiced by Jennifer Saunders) performs it. It’s fun and keeps the original heart of the song…so, yeah…here’s that cover if you’ve never seen it. Enjoy!