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I’m Barry, and I’m an Addict

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So, recently, I have become enamored with the website. Now, it’s not that the website is new to me because we all know that people go overboard when they come into contact with new things. However, this is not the case for me. I have known about for at least a couple of years if not more, and in that time period, I have not been nearly as engrossed as I have become in the last little bit. Why you might ask is this even possible? Well, let me enlighten you how I’ve been drawn in.


1) Ease of access– Ever since I got my first smart phone in November, I have had the imdb website at my finger tips. This accessibility has allowed me to look up my every query right when they happen. Was Billy Bob Thorton married to Angelina Jolie (purely hypothetical question…I know that they were…down to some of the creepier details)? I can find out at the touch of an app button.

2) Being in Grad. School– Now, I know that this one might seem a little counter-intuitive, but I have looked up more things as a result of working on papers and things simply because of my writing process ( I have to have something on in the¬† background to be able to work). Sometimes while I’m watching/ working, actors and actresses will suddenly connect up in my mind in some weird way, and I must find out things about them.

3) The Game of Connections– One night when I was a little bored, I developed a game on the website. Usually, it started by looking up an actor or actress and then finding a movie they were in. Then, I went to the movie and looked for other actors and actresses that I recognized. Then, I clicked on them and found a movie and repeated the other step. I would do this until I couldn’t find someone or some movie that I knew (this was without repeating movies or stars…). Honestly, this game is kind of addictive….you should try it and see.


So, yeah, I have become an addict of imdb. However, it keeps me involved in the movie world, and I get to have some fun doing it. Plus, I’m willing to bet I know some facts about celebs / movies that would boggle your mind. ūüôā

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May 6, 2011 at 11:54 pm

(RAH)¬≤ (AH)¬≥ + [ROMA (1+MA)] + (GA)¬≤ + (OOH)(LA)¬≤=A Hit

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So, I will willingly admit that Lady Gaga is a guilty pleasure of mine, one that some of my musical elitist friends find laughable. However, I find her music to be throughly hypnotic and reminiscent of other pop greats of the passed 30 years.

What is it that makes a powerful/memorable pop song? I believe that there are several things that make a “good” song or a pop star.

1. The song has to be catchy. When I first listened to Lady Gaga, her song permeated my subconscious. The beat and lyrics of “Paparazzi” (¬†)¬†stuck in my head and haunted me until I finally downloaded the song off or iTunes. The¬† great beat of the song¬†and the repetition in the lyrics are what make it so memorable and hypnotic. I mean seriously how many of you could say that you found yourself singing along with the “Queen of the Night Aria” (¬†)after listening to in once.

2. Lady Gaga puts on one hell of a show which adds to her mystique as an artist. People have done it before. Think of Elvis and his pelvis, Michael Jackson and his dance moves, or Metallica and their heavy metal attitude. Each one had their own distinctive style that they brought to the table and built their fame on. Gaga does the same with her ‘weirdness”. People are drawn to it because she puts on a show.

3. Controversy is what also plays to the masses. The more people say we should look away from the sun…the more we sneaks peeks at it…right? Just as with Elvis, Madonna, Elton John, Etc., there are those out there that have proclaimed Lady Gaga as some sort of “Faux Pas” celebrity of the moment. Due to this, people cannot look away whether¬†she’s talking¬†about her bisexuality or “hanging” herself at the VMA’s. This publicity is what makes her mysterious or eccentric to the masses.

I think that Lady Gaga has done what she set out to do. I think she has shaken up the pop scene (which she may or may not have intended). She has raised the bar for those that are coming out now. They cannot just be the Taylor Swift cookie-cutter pop star if they want to compete. Like Debbie Harry and Madonna (the celebrities that I compare her with), I think she has found her own nicht and has impacted the pop world.

Top Actors/Actresses for Me

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Sometimes people ask me who I think my favorite actors and actresses are…to which I reply that I have favorite old and younger male and female of both. Honestly, I go back and forth between several. However, these are the ones that I’m am intrigued by at this point.


Anthony Hopkins is my pick for my older actor. I think its because he so charming and diverse…and he does have that English flair to boot. He has also been in many things from The Silence of the Lambs to The Wolfman which is hitting theaters today even as I type this. I think he is a phenomenal actor with many credits to his name. He embodies the characters he plays.


Edward Norton is probably my favorite younger actor. I think it’s mainly because of his range. He has been a skinhead in the movie American History X, a person with some severe mental issues and an overall badass in Fight Club, and been beloved Marvel character Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk. Overall, he is one of a kind….However, I will say that a close second was Robert Downey Jr.



Meryl Streep is probably my favorite actress out there right now simply because she can play almost any character to a tee. She has been Julia Childs, the “devil”, and an immortal corpse in the scope of her career. And at the age of 61, she still competes with all the younger girls of Hollywood for parts. She is a clever actress with many qualities that others out there wish they had. She is amazing in every sense of the word.


Lastly, Cate Blanchett¬†is my favorite younger actress because she is ethereal and lovely. She like Streep is able to play roles from an elven queen to a teacher who sleeps with one of her students. She plays each¬†part with incredible vivacity.¬†She has such range and abilities that it’s obvious why she has been nominated for vast numbers of awards for her acting prowess.¬† Personally, I just find that her voice is beautiful and enthralling (I wish she would narrate more or voice over books)…but anyway, I think she has earned her place in the golden ways of Hollywood.

So, there you have it…that’s my top four and some of the reasons why…if you want to know more, feel free to ask.