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Stranger than I Dreamed It

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So, recently, I’ve been having weird dreams that stem from my usage of melatonin (I take it to help regulate my sleep because I’m a little of an insomniac) and the stress that I’ve been having in regards to my midterms. Moreover, the characters and situations that were within the dream that I’m about to relate deals with everything that has been going on within my life of late…and you thought you were crazy. Okay, so, the dream…

In my dream, I was looking for apartments in the want ads. However, the want ads were transcribed in IPA. So, I had to seek out the help of John Donne, the writer, and Yonec, a character from medieval literature. Well, needless to say, they helped look for an apartment, and then, I woke up with much confusion in my mind and my heart. So yeah… I’m pretty sure that it’s quite obvious what’s been on my mind.

1) Looking for apartments– My roommate moved out very suddenly, and I”m debating what is going to happen with the apartment that I’m renting. It’s a little too much apartment for me both in size and monetary value. Moreover, it’s hard to live in a space that you shared with someone and then have to deal with them being gone all of a sudden. So yeah…

2) IPA transcription– I’m in a Linguistics class this semester to fulfill a degree requirement and am more than a little stressed about it because I’m having to use new skills that I’m learning and I’m having to use my studying skills to learn things for test (I haven’t used them in years…). Further, I’m having to work with other students that are not nearly as motivated as me when it comes to doing the group work that we have together…needless to say, it’s not fun…Additionally, this class is causing me to push back my graduation for a semester because I’m needing to take certain classes to help fill my degree requirement…yeah…

3) John Donne– Donne is a creature of his own making… I’m writing a paper about his poem “Sappho to Philaenis” for my course, and I’m trying to piece an argument together from various other literary sources to make a certain claim… and I think that it might be falling flat…so yeah….

4) Yonec– A similar situation to Donne… His story is one that I’m researching for my medieval class….and yeah, similar experiences are being had.

All these pieces of the real world finally entered my dream which tells me that I may be going crazy… either that or my super stress is finally pushing into my sleeping times when I should be dreaming about zombies, vampires, and other monsters….or maybe more cutesy things… Needless to say, I’m hoping that by being finished with midterms that these dreams have regressed back into the black depths of my mind…only time will tell…

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October 13, 2011 at 10:29 pm

Weird Dreams

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So, as some of you out there may k now, I am sort of an insomniac, which I’ve been working on correctly recently with the help of Melatonin…but this is beside the point. When I do sleep well, I sometimes have the most interesting dreams having to do with nothing that I can really connect up to in reality (i.e. Zombie apocalypse dream, Frankenstein’s monster chasing me, etc.). However, lately, I have been having dreams that seem to have a little more coherence within the world of reality than a lot of my previous dreams have…now whether this is simply because I have just been especially attuned to the goings on of the world around me or maybe I should sign up with Dionne Warwick (psychic hotline joke…). But here’s what has been going on…

My first dream is going to seem a little silly, but you know it’s weird the odd coincidence that occurred shortly after having said dream. So, everyone knows Scooby-Doo, right? Well, I had a dream where a chain-smoking Velma, a non-talking Scooby, and I ( a more confident and effective Shaggy) were solving murders rather than tracking down supposed ghosts. Now, I know you may be wondering what this has to do with anything, other than being a really trippy dream, but within a week of having said dream, the Mystery Machine appeared on the campus where I go to school / work…I know that it’s just coincidence, but it’s more than a little eerie that I was just telling my coworkers about the dream the day that we saw it…

My second dream is a little more strange, but I could play this off as¬† being more intuition than anything else. Recently, I dreamed that my roommate was babysitting someone’s child for them. And in the dream, I wondered 1) who he knew that had a baby and 2) where the hell the baby came from…well, I shared this dream with him, and we both chuckled at the absurdity of it because he doesn’t know anyone close to where we live that has a child…then, some of my really good friends invited us over to watch True Blood (not going to discuss that anymore here…the True Blood I mean). When we arrived, they announced to my friends and myself that they were pregnant…so, yeah. Obviously, we were all excited, but the dream crept back into my mind…

So, I don’t know what’s going on with my mind, but if the zombie apocalypse comes true, I’m going to find someone to blame. ūüôā

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August 29, 2011 at 2:42 pm


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Wedged between reason and insanity

Lies the great divide.

A place where life and death exist

Simultaneously and not at all.

Ensnared by the dust particles

Floating in the sunlit stagnation.

Sleeping in the day, waking in the night,

Having my unconsciousness raped

By a host of dime-store hooded dreams.

Silently, the darkness closes around me,

Letting myself fall into its cool arms, letting

Its symphony lull me again into

Dead sleep.

Written by uncannynerdyguy

February 11, 2011 at 9:28 pm

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They come on silvery wings

Dancing into our unconscious

And entertaining our sleeping souls.

Some may dwell on slaying dragons,

Some of power and wealth,

While some of solidarity trifle.

The goddess of the REM

Smiles on those who greet

Her and embrace her mantra

“To sleep perchance to dream”

……Of momentary death.

Written by uncannynerdyguy

April 5, 2010 at 9:36 am

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Existentialism and Dreams

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I know that the core reality of a dream is that it is our inner psyche trying to express ourself to keep us from going insane. Correct? However, lately, I have been having¬†some of the weirdest most existential dreams that I’ve had in awhile.

1. My first dream happened a couple of weeks ago. In my dream, I became the nanny of two children who had a mother and a father that were very busy with work. So, I basically became a Mary Poppins like figure. I even had a bag similar to¬†hers and a parrot head umbrella. There was much singing and dancing (which isn’t very odd for me…I like music so music enters my dreams rather frequently). As if this dream wasn’t weird enough, someone in the the¬†dream said that I was just as good as Nanny McPhee, and I flipped…I don’t recall ever bitch slapping anyone in reality, but I wailed on the person in the dream. All I remembered was waking up and thinking “Huh?” and then returning to sleep.

2. My second dream gets a little more abstract. In it, my friend and I are walking down a poorly lit sidewalk just talking about life…doesn’t sound too odd at this point right? However, that is the core of the dream…everything else around us is just darkness, and we’re chatting not noticing that nothing exists outside of the light-bubble that we’re in…

3. My third dream is actually really random. In the dream, I am¬†bitten¬†by a cobra…and the people with me say that I must fight the poison and purge it from my system. At this point in the dream, it becomes rather psychedelic, bright colors, swirling lights…I kinda felt like I was in a lava lamp. But finally, I come out of the poisoning and am stronger for it….It was probably my most weird dream.

So, there you have it….those are my most odd dreams as of late…and I can’t make neither¬†head nor tails of them. I guess I just have to take them as some unconscious thoughts trying to surface….let’s hope that one of these thoughts doesn’t want to get bitten by a cobra.

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February 15, 2010 at 10:09 am

Weird Dreams

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So lately, I’ve been having weird dreams that make me wonder what is going on in my life to simulate my psyche to such oddity. For instance in one of my dreams, I am bitten¬†by a cobra and have to overcome the poison. This dream was very trippy with psychedelic¬†colors and the whole schtick…it was actually quite entertaining and odd.

However, possibly my most disturbing dreams has been one in which I have a friend die in various different ways. In the dream, she is killed/tortured, and I can do nothing to save her….it’s actually fairly depressing once I really think about it. But I just don’t know what it means…is there some symbolism/thread that I am missing…


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January 28, 2010 at 7:32 pm

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