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Fear 96 of 101: People Wearing White Linen Pants and Shorts

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So, recently, on the campus that I work at / go to, I have seen an increasing number of people (both male and female) wearing white linen pants. Moreover, these pants are sheer…which isn’t so bad unless you see that the people are going commando under them. Both of the people I have seen of late were not wearing any underwear, and let’s just say that nothing was left to the imagination. Now, I’m all for people feeling free in their own skin, but I am not a fan of seeing another guy’s or woman’s genitalia while I’m walking about doing my daily activities.


**Sheerness levels increase and decrease–For both of these individuals that I saw, it made me wonder what they would do if they got especially sweaty or if it decided to rain that day…Then, we go from sheer with the partial view to complete peepshow…I honestly don’t understand why people would do this because you’re out there, both figuratively and literally.

**God forbid they should not cleanse themselves when going to the bathroom–I don’t feel like I should have to spell this one out…so, I’m not going to…yeah…

My suggestion is either 1) don’t wear the pants like this because they freak people out (I know personally I can’t have a serious conversation with anyone wearing these sheer pants like this…why? Because I’m sitting there going “don’t make eye contact with it…) or 2) wear some damn underwear (I know that it might not look the best in the world because the pants are the aforementioned sheer…but no one really wants to see what you’re packing downstairs [unless otherwise indicated in some other manner]). So, yeah….

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March 18, 2011 at 10:23 pm

Fear 97 of 101–Kim Cattrall

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So, I know that there are some people out there who really like Kim Cattrall. I think that she is quite an interesting actress at times and that she is a fairly nice looking woman for her age (plastic surgery and all that stuff aside…because really who hasn’t had plastic surgery in Hollywood these days). However, by these same tokens, Kim Cattrall is quite a frightening lady because she is a woman who seems like she might eat you alive if you ever got too close to her (much like Sharon Stone).

**She’s been around forever seems like–It’s kind of eerie feeling to know that some one is 54 years old and does look terribly different than she did when she arrived on the scene. Given, she has had some work done. However, she looks relatively well-preserved for her age of 54. People who seem to age slowly (or not at all…there are some people who always look the same) are a little odd and frightening. Think Cher.


**She is a powerful and domineering woman on screen–There’s got to be something to it in real life. Right?

**The fact that she’s affiliated with Sex and the City–Honestly, I don’t see the appeal of the show. However, I am a guy (shocker right…not really but I like to play up the suspense of things). The idea of hyper femininity that represents itself so well using the angel / whore dichotomy (thank you Harwell for you mental influence) seems to be a bad example for the impressionable ones out there. I find it scary arming future women with this concept of “woman power” to be kind of alarming and frightening as well.  (For people unfamiliar with the show, Cattrall plays Samantha…who is rather whorish.)

So, there you have it…more to come.

Written by uncannynerdyguy

March 8, 2011 at 4:55 pm