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Vivianne’s Lament

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Aubrey Beardsley [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

My King,

Ages have passed

Since you called me

Last from the cold

Depths of my dreaming


You speak and the

Country trembles.

Might giants whisper

Your name as a

Nightmare to their

Progeny and I hear.


The icy chill of

Air against my

Dark, dank, water-

Logged flesh. My hair

Once the color of the sun, drowned and

Matted, a dirt caked white.


But I hear you and pull

Myself from my aquatic

Slumber. Why can’t I find you,

My ageless King? Has your slumber

On that eternal isle been broken to

Save us? Or are you decayed and broken



I race to look, but the pebbles

Dig into my bare feet

Causing me to spill

Some of that sacred, crimson

Liquor, and  I can’t find you.

But your voice echoes like wind through

Branches, trees, nature itself.


Still, one is willing to bleed for the

Beauty of your tone, if only

I can find you. The trees raise their

Limbs to evangelize to

This heathen goddess, but I heed not

Their actions.


I still feel you and long to

Find you. To feel the calibur of

Your kingly character is my sun.

I turn to its radiance but never feel the

Warmth on my face. Bring me back to

Existence, back to being needed.


My jaundiced and paper-skinned hands

Cling tightly to the Burnished iron, rusting,

But the magic is still there and belongs to

You. It rings with your call but cannot find

Your worthy form.


Please, come back to me.

If you desire, I’ll be your

Lady, always. No matter what

Lance or Lot may attempt to

Spear me.

Written by uncannynerdyguy

September 27, 2011 at 7:29 pm


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What are you?

The Sun?

Glaring at me with your

Cold, fervent fire.

You are nothing but

A blot of dark

Light in the sky

Burning, but

Not feeling.

Please let me be whole.

Let me feel your chilling

Heat before I give into

My immortality…

Let me see the light.

Written by uncannynerdyguy

September 18, 2010 at 10:58 pm

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Sookie’s Milkshake Brings All the Supes to the Yard

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So, I’ve recently been reading a lot of the Sookie Stackhouse books and watching the new season of True Blood and a question popped into my mind. What is it about Sookie Stackhouse that make all sorts of supernatural creatures fall in line to die for her. I mean seriously, it’s a veritable who’s who of creatures that begin to interact with Sookie as the books go on (and the series if they decide to keep making it).


If any of you have read the books or watched the show, you know that everyone asks what is “different” about Sookie or “What are you?” They seem to be popular questions that are haphazardly answered within the framework of the narrative. First, Sookie is attractive by mortal standards. She’s blonde, has a tan, and has enough bosom to go around. She is the ideal American woman (kinda coming across as a bit of a “Barbie” in some ways).  These looks keep getting continually enhanced by the vampire blood that she consumes throughout the course of the books. All this would make her attractive in some sense. However, it does not explain the corpses, dust, and muck of the creatures that seem to keep laying down their lives for her.

Two, if you’ve read the books, you know that Sookie is at least partially fairy. In the books, the fairies are a race that humans find intoxicatingly beautiful and are drawn to. The vampires and some other supes find their scent irresistible. The would love nothing better than to snack on a fairy. Yet, even with this factoring in, does Sookie have enough fairy in her to tip the scales to her favor? The reason I say this it the fact that not all the supernatural creatures seem to notice her in the same way that others do. The vampires seem to have an attraction to her. However, this may all be a pissing contest as to who can nail the human and have her telepathic powers to themselves. The weres have an attraction to her because she seems fresh and otherworldly. The fairies know that she is part fairy…it’s just an increasing conundrum of what might cause this loyalty to a mere mortal.

While everyone agrees that Sookie is something more than human, I am not inclined to believe that she is simply attractive because she is partially fairy. This ideal does not seem to connect all the dots for me. It seems like to quick and reasonable of an answer to deal with the larger idea that is floating about that Charlaine and HBO have not touched yet. Is she going to be something that is exceptionally rare in the world? Or will she turn out to be just a sheer victim of circumstance? I don’t know. However, I am interested to see what happens as the show and the books continue to be produced.


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A culling of ice and fire

Searing away the infidel.

The most fearsome only leaving,


A might battle for the reign

Filling the halls with the clang

Of sword and steel ringing,


A final flash of silver,

A trickle of blood wandering

Down a blade of war and dripping,


Alone, a sovereignty made of bone

And flesh twisted a thousand ways

Around a solid vessel of festering,


Solidarity has its place in the grand

Schemes of paper princes and barbarians

Fighting their battles and raging,


I watch throughout the ages

My brethren all slain by my sin

Soaked hand….with their bleeding,


So, for eternity, I sleep upon my throne

Of memories and maimed majesties

And will continue on Enduring,


Written by uncannynerdyguy

April 6, 2010 at 11:19 am

Hybrid Mythical Creatures

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In the movie Underworld and the sequels, we are introduced to different species of creatures that aren’t just vampires and werewolves. We are introduced to the hybrid creatures created by “crossing” the vampire, werewolf, and the first immortal. But my question is what do we call these creatures? I know that they cop out answer would be to call them hybrids and move on; however, I think that there should be some semblance of thought to the naming.

1) Michael Corvin’s mutation. The cross between someone who was a werewolf originally and then is introduced to the vampire genome. My friend and I were discussing this earlier (as we watched the movies of course), and we thought that this crossing where the host was more werewolf should be called the vamwolf. Why? Because the name suggests that there is more wolf in the creature. Also, it gives the suggestion that there is a vampire connection without saying that the creature has a major tie to the vampire.

2) Marcus Covinus–He is the first vampire, but after the events of the first movie, he is turned into a hybrid species as well. At this point though, Marcus has been a vampire for over 1400 years (as stated by Viktor in the first movie). He becomes more powerful as a result of the transformation. We would refer to him as a werepire because he is a blending of the two species. Yet, he seems to have a little more vampire; this is the reason why the name suggests this.

3) Finally, Selene with Alexander’s blood–What is she exactly? As seen from the movie, she is no longer allergic to sunlight which shows that she has in fact mutated. But to what? Alexander Covinus was the first Immortal; however, not much other than that is know to the audience. We know that as the first “Immortal” that he is more powerful than either of his sons: Marcus or William. He sits on the sidelines and cleans up their mess because he cannot bear to kill his sons…this name is a little more complicated. What exactly do we call her because she isn’t a hybrid of two species? She is a hybrid made up of the father species and a subspecies. We dubbed the creation that she is a Vamtal because she is a cross between the Immortal and a vampire. It fits oddly.

So, there you have it. Names of mythical hybrids from the Underworld series. Some make more sense than others, but how are we to know what to call. We are only human after all.

Written by uncannynerdyguy

March 24, 2010 at 12:22 am