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Social Awkwardness

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Sometimes when you’re hanging around with a large group of people it becomes pretty apparent who are the outsiders of the group. However, most of the time these people separate themselves out whether intentionally or no. Some of this separation occurs when people long to have attention…you might refer to these people as attention whores  while there are others who just don’t fit in with the crowd.

1. The first group of people I think of is a group that I myself sometimes fall into. This group is the one that sometimes feels out of place in a group situation. Regularly, this type of person may interact well with a group, laugh, and have a good time. However, these people sometimes feel it necessary to distance themselves. Usually, this distance occurs when the person is thinking or just chooses to be alone. This group takes in most people because let’s face it most people are like this from time to time.

2. These are the people who separate themselves because they unintentionally make things awkward. These are the ones who make the inappropriate jokes that leave people not laughing (you know the moments when you just gasp). These people are on the outskirts of groups because they just don’t really click with the whole (let’s face it, no matter how hard you try, there will always be “clicks”).

3. These are the people that separate themselves intentionally and unintentionally. These are the attention seekers. They look to make themselves stand out from the group, and thereby, they ostracize themselves from it even more as a result. These people are ones that fake sick or cry or other “pitiful” acts in order to elicit sympathy from people. This is why I say that their decision is both intentional and unintentional because they deliberately do this to themselves unknowing that they will be locked out of the group. These people also try to pull sympathy from acquantances…which in my book is overstepping a cardinal friendship rule. You don’t pour your heart out to people that you don’t know…good God, it’s faux pas. (Quick side note…this is probably the category that most people respect least…people don’t like it when you try to play to their emotions. I deal with my emotions and with my friends’ emotions when they need me…if I just know you in passing, don’t expect me to really “feel” with you.)

4. The final group is made up of those people that are on the periphery of the group and constantly butt their way into the core. This sect is usually made of the Know-it-all people that I referenced in my Opinion: Like a Butthole post. These persons do not care if their invited and do not feel the slightest bit awkward about bursting into a random conversation because they always feel like something that they have to contribute is especially important. People who are card carrying members of this group tend to annoy the hell out of people they come into interaction with. Hence, while they persist to get into the inner circle of a functioning “family”, they will never be able to breach the hull because the people are over them before they are even begun.

Opinions: Like a Butthole

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I am an opinionated person myself. However, I never claim to have an opinion on everything. Quite frankly, there are just some things that I don’t give a damn about. In my mind, there are three types of people who fall somewhere along a spectrum if you will.

1.The first being those who don’t really care one way or another on most subjects. These people are often times referred to as apathetic which is cool. If you can go through life without really caring about things (other than the big things), I say more power to you. One thing I will stress about these people is that they do have opinions about subjects but generally only share them with certain people.

2. People who have opinions and know when they should share them. This is the group that most people fit into. The people in this group usually share their minds when something piques their interest such as a comic book conversation, politics, religion, etc. This group also tends to have information to back up their perspective that they’re trying to get across (i.e. they “know” something about what they’re talking about). These persons tend to be very agreeable unless you willingly push their buttons to try to get a rise out of them.

3. The final group….these are the people who have an opinion about everything and will share it with anything that sits still long enough. These are the people that all the other groups find a little annoying because no matter how smart you are no one knows something about everything. That segways into another point: these people tend to think that they are very, very intelligent people. Now, don’t get me wrong. These people may be intelligent, but there is always a limit….just because you have read some X-Men comics doesn’t make you an expert on the X-Men or you have talked with a Muslim doesn’t make you an expert on Islam…One more thing about these people, not only do they think they know something about everything…they also believe that they are never wrong which will frustrate all those level 1’s and 2’s out there….it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re right because they “always” are.

 In the end it’s like my Grandpa used to say, “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.” So, the next time you think about butting into a conversation I would suggest thinking about whether you’re a 1, 2, or 3.

Written by uncannynerdyguy

February 18, 2010 at 10:00 am