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Friendship and Terms of Endearment

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So, I have been thinking a lot recently about terms of endearment and how they apply to friendships that I have around me on a regular basis. Now, if anyone heard us having a normal conversation, they would probably think that we were not that close of friends. The reason being terms such as Douche Bag, Bitch, Asshole, and others are parlayed about pretty flippantly. To them, it would probably sound like we were angry at each other. However, quite the opposite is occurring.

My friends and I are not unusual for the age group that we are in, the transition period between being a teenager and being an adult…the true “young adult” phase. It just so happens that using terms such as those previously mentioned are now so overused that they have become as prevalent as showing of friendly love as terms such as BFF or best friend. It’s all a generational thing I believe. As the language has become less faux pas, we have started to incorporate “dirty” or “taboo” words into our normal vernacular. Honestly, I am not bothered by this phenomenon. I come from the stand point that words are words. We are the ones who give them power. If my friend wants to call me a bitch to express his/her friendship with me, who am I to say that this is wrong or right? I mean I’m liable to call them something similar in return.

The fact remains that the “norm” of what is expected of people to say and do to each other has shifted tremendously over the past few decades. Now, you’re liable to hear any and everything being said if you peruse  groups of people. Who knows? Maybe someone will call you with a term of endearment out a crowd.

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April 9, 2010 at 5:02 pm

Language and “Dirty” Words

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After passing through a throng of people the other day (not to be confused with a thong of people) and hearing the words George Carlin’s “Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television” multiple times, I had the thought that maybe as a people we are beginning to come further along down the road to believing that words only have as much power as you give them. Personally, I believe this. Ass, shit, and other “dirty” words said have gotten to be almost as commonly accepted as words such as puppy or tea, and honestly, I think that its kind of refreshing.

The reason is because…wait for it….words only have as much power as we as a people allow them to have. I mean seriously if you don’t get offended simply because I refer to my butt or my rear or my sphincter as my ass, the world would be a better place. Just like any other myth out there, the idea that there are certain words that have a negative stigma is also an urban legend….just because I say God damn, doesn’t mean that I’m condemned to a fiery corner of hell to wail and gnash my teeth in for an eternity (besides if you truly think about that saying…only God can condemn or “damn” someone…the person is not “damning” God because really that is just a silly train of thought).

I will admit that I myself did go through a time when “curse” words would never pass my virgin lips because I thought that it was wrong. I even made the argument to another student that since we are logical, thinking creatures shouldn’t we be able to express ourselves intelligently without using them. Now, however, I find myself seeing it a different way. Why should I explain myself out in several sentences that I am unhappy with someone when a quick “Kiss my ass” will do? It so much more concise, and in a world where speed is prized, concision is brilliant.

So, I guess what I’m trying to stress is that you shouldn’t let a few four letter words cause you to go off the handle. If you don’t agree with the usage, I would say just let it roll off because seriously you’re being just as bad as the vegetarian who tries to force people to not eat meat…just live life and be happy with what’s going on…don’t let a few “dirty” words get you down.

List of the Seven Words( )

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February 16, 2010 at 2:36 pm