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Music and Emotional Manipulation

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Have you ever thought about why that song you listen to makes you cry/laugh/smile/think? Well, I think it’s because (and if you don’t agree with me I’m sorry) music is probably one of the most effective emotional manipulators out there. I mean think about it: how many of you have been watching an action movie and during the climatic scenes of the movie a rousing melody plays and makes you go “Hell yeah! I want them to win!”.

This sort of thing happens to me all the time. I sometimes get invested in a movie simply because of the music itself. A brilliant score can only enhance a beautiful movie or can pull a mediocre movie out of its mediocrity. If you look at a movie like X-Men the Last Stand, a movie that is not the best in my eyes (partially because the X-Men are my comic book baby as it were), but the music makes it a little more bearable.

Music to me can touch that innermost parts of ourselves that may not be accessible on a regular basis. It is the one art media that nearly everyone has a stake in to. Think about it. You might walk up to someone and ask them who their favorite novelist/painter is, and they might look back at you with a blank stare. However, if you ask them who their favorite singer/musician is, you will surely get and answer from 99% of people because music easy more easily accessed by everyone.

Music is beautiful in its own right. Whether you’re listening to a Sonata by Beethoven or a new pop ballad by Lady Gaga (who I believe is either a siren or a witch because of her damn near hypnotic affect on listeners), music is there to comfort and drive us, to help us grow and to let us cry/laugh/etc.

Written by uncannynerdyguy

February 2, 2010 at 12:06 am