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Songs that Just Don’t Make Sense: Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”

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So, I think it’s fair that I more than dislike Taylor Swift because she’s just awful. That being said, I know that there are people out there who ardently admire and think that she’s god’s gift to the world of music. Aside from being one more of those auto-tuned, country-star crossover artists, one of her songs really peeves me every time I hear it on the radio. Now, I typically change the station but sometimes I am lost n thought and don’t realize till the song is almost over. Still, the song “Love Story” has to be one of the most poorly written in terms of what the song is about: Romeo and Juliet.

While I get what the song is trying to do, it is not very effective. I know that it’s trying to tell us about a beautiful love story between two young people, and the fact that their family disapproves. However, every time I hear it, I wonder “Does Taylor Swift know how Romeo and Juliet ended?” I mean Romeo doesn’t get to “take her,” and she ends up alone… there is no wedding, and her father does not allow them to be together. They both end up dead, which does not reflect the happy ending of the song… Here’s to all of those out there listening to this song thinking that it’s a beautiful thing… it’s really not. If we’re going to take it as Romeo and Juliet, I think there should be some of the tragic irony and death in the song too… I think that it’s only fair. If she’s going to use the names, she should incorporate the play’s ending into the song as well…yeah…

Written by uncannynerdyguy

November 8, 2011 at 10:57 pm

Send in the Clowns

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So, today, when I arrived back at my apartment after being out all day. I settled in front of my computer for a few minutes before I went to shower and ready myself for bed, and a song popped into my head because I was in the appropriate mood for it. “Send in the Clowns” from the Sondheim musical A Little Night Music, which I don’t know a terrible lot about, arrived in my psyche.

If you’re familiar with the song, it is generally sung by a woman, and it almost seems like she is talking about being in a circus…because this is what all the metaphors and similes contained within the piece are about. But if you go deeper, you will find that the song is actually about a failing relationship which seems like it is just falling apart. In the course of the song, the actress¬†sings that people need to send in the clowns to detract from what is really going on (in the circus world of old this was actually done if something happened unexpectedly). She continues to plead with them and her lover as the song progresses until at the very end she says “don’t bother, they’re here” referring to herself and her mate. She knows that their relationship is in a funk that will probably never resolve itself. Thereby, it is a mockery and a show to all who look upon it. They are in fact the clowns.

Today, this song entered my mind because of the mood that I’ve been in. Now, I don’t have a faltering relationship that I’m dealing with or anything to that effect. It’s just that I feel like my world is topsy-turvy, and I feel like I myself am on display as a clown (not to say that I don’t enjoy being a clown every once and a while). It’s just such an odd feeling. I’m not necessarily saying that it’s a bad feeling either…it’s just an emotion that is going wonky on me…hmmmmm….Anyway, here’s a great version of the song performed by Glenn Close. I hope you enjoy.