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Creepy Things from Thrift Stores #2

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I’ve been out and about looking at local thrift stores in my area, and I think that I’ve found some things that are a little creepier than anything that was in my last installment of Creepy Things from Thrift Stores. I hope that you’ve braced yourselves and prepared for what is here. The goods today come from a Thrift Mart that is very close to my apartment… needless to say, there was some pretty interesting things there.

The first item is one that I would call a disproportionate angel statue. While it has a body that looks minuscule, its face and head are large giving it an odd and creepy looking overall appearance. It’s a little disconcerting…

Disproportionate Angel

The second item or rather items that I found which were just across the way from the first little gem. They were two doll-like depictions of old men… While this is creepy enough as is, the fact that they look like young boys dressed up as old men makes them all the more creepier… yeah…

Old Man Doll 2

Old Man Doll











The third item probably takes the cake of all of the others. Matter-of-factly, I almost overlooked this item while I was browsing the shelves of this particular store. While I’m usually a fan of painted masks / Mardi Gras masks, this one is quite different from anything that I’ve ever seen. . .it’s a little odd to say the least. I made me feel unsettled a bit to be looking at it.

So there you have it. Another edition of the Creepy Things from Thrift Stores. I hope that you haven’t been too disturbed… and who knows? Maybe someone will take pity upon these items and take them home with them.

Written by uncannynerdyguy

June 8, 2012 at 7:07 pm

Fat Tuesday

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 Fat Tuesday 

An afterthought of

A party on a Tuesday.

Discarded into a gutter

Like a cigarette butt or a used condom

In this time of excess.

Radiant as I was when

I adorned a face.

Now, I lie in the damp

Muck of this endlessly sinking

City which will fall like Sodom and Gamora

One day due to its sins.

My plumage once like a peacock

Is now sullen and dank as the sewer

I’m stuck in.

Do no weep for me my brethren

Though for I had my chance in

The sun, to romp through a

Day where excess is all.

A day before prayer and ash

Are used to make saints.

However, I was beautiful, and

Now, though forgotten, had a glorious day.

Written by uncannynerdyguy

February 8, 2010 at 12:15 am