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Art for Sanity’s Sake

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So, with the school year coming to a close, I have been without things to do (this is partially because I have not had a job until this last week…Yay for a job!). When I get really bored things can get bad for those around me…I like to rearrange furniture, clean like there’s no tomorrow, etc. Therefore, I like to do other crafty and artistic things to occupy my time. So, I give you some of the fruits of my labor as  a result of this. I hope you enjoy.

(Left):This one that is acrylics on canvas…it is actually a painting that has been in the works for a while because I started with the blue background and then couldn’t decide what to do with it. Finally, I did something…I don’t quite know how I feel about this one yet…it’s a bit too sunshiny and cheery for my taste.

(Right):The other one is also acrylics on canvas. It was done by using water to help dilute the paint. I find it to be an interesting one simply because it was the first time I had ever tried the water trick.

So yeah, I will continue to paint I suppose because it helps alleviate stress and keeps me sane. I might recommend it to others out there too.






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May 29, 2011 at 9:11 pm

Artwork from Yours Truly

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For those who don’t know, apart from writing, I enjoy artistic expression in a variety of mediums. I love to sing and act. And to do both, I jump at any chance to sing and act. I also like to draw, paint, and craft when I can. Here are some of my watercolor paintings that I’ve made over the past little while. I find them interesting and, looking back at them, wonder what I might have been thinking at the time when I made them. Enjoy!

“Golden Silence”. This first one is a picture of a face, and the lips are sealed with stitches. The colors are kind of chaotic, and a single tear falls down the cheek. 

The second one is called “Geisha”. It is very bright and colorful. I really like this one because it is my take on a traditional Geisha painting.

These are just a couple of my original pieces. More to come. I hope you enjoy them.

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April 30, 2010 at 2:23 pm

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