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A Taste of Night

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The end of the world happened March 15, 2042, a rather fitting date considering its reputed historical significance. Late on this day, all the superpowers of the world turned their nuclear arms against each other and fired letting the cards… and bodies fall where they may. What sparked such a response? One can only guess. Maybe someone insulted the American President’s wife? Maybe Spain got tired of trade negotiations with China? Who knows? However, all I can remember is the smell of burning flesh and seeing people I knew and love die painful deaths.

We were in our house when it happened, my wife and I. I sat in the den in my easy chair as I listened to my wife busying herself in the kitchen. It was her night to cook, and I still remember the crunch of the carrots that she chopped to put into the stew she prepared, while she hummed a jaunty tune to herself. As I sat there reading the Times, I remember hearing a pop from somewhere very distant from where we were and thought nothing of it as a result. As I sat in my windowless cave reading my newspaper, I soon felt the house begin to buckle and heard my wife’s humming replaced by a blood-curdling shrieking. I rushed upstairs immediately to see what was the matter expecting that she might have cut herself badly or burned herself on the stove top. Sadly, I was mistaken as she turned to face me, revealing the seared flesh of her face and twin trails of liquid running beneath where her eyes should have been.

I moved closer to investigate and started to weep myself as she continued to scream.

“Oh my fucking bloody hell, what the fuck should I…” I started to question to see what I could do for her. However, the cracking of timber and drywall met my cries as the house collapsed upon my wife and me. And then, all was darkness as I reached and found my beauty in the aftermath.

I held my wife one last time while she slowly sank into shock, and, then, her respiration stopped. Where my beautiful wife had once been, now an eyeless husk remained… An eyeless husk held by myself. I cried tears for her as I lay there in the dark holding what remained… tears of blood, the only kind that a vampire can cry. I held her for several days until the smell of rotting flesh became too much for my heightened senses. I kissed her one last time as I decided to go, leaving her there alone in the darkness and rubble of our former home. The same pile of rubble that I had to push through to escape from the dark and enter the world as we know it now.

At 6:32pm on a breezy, frigid Saturday in New York City, my world changed as my human wife died before my eyes. One week later or at least I assume it was about a week at 9:14am, I pierced through the drywall, timber, and bricks that encased me and found myself in a new world.

The sun still shone in the sky, but a thick cloud of dust and particulate debris now covered it, obscuring the full power of its rays. Surrounding what had once been our house, similar monuments of destruction and despair filled the spaces of our neighbors and our friends. What once was a thriving neighborhood was now a ghost town… or rather the ruins of one. Where green had been brown took its place. As life existed before, nothing but death met my sight. All was silent Human life had existed as the dominant species, now only death and the monsters of the world remained. A world that I was a part of and had been for the better part of four hundred years.

On this end day, the human race found itself instantly an endangered species of sorts with small groups living below the surface of the Earth. My kind would have its era upon the earth. . . my kind would reign. I shook myself into motion and walked toward the horizon, hoping that I would find someone. . .something to balm my ills and make me forget that I am Raymond Rothschar, that I once was married, and now I was irrevocably alone. . .

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May 8, 2012 at 1:57 am

Mixing Fictional People, Places, and Ideas

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Lately, I’ve been wanting to write some fiction where I meld together other people’s characters and thing. In these stories or whatever it might be, I really want to manipulate the  characters to show a different side of them; however, I’m not sure that it would necessarily be a viable idea. Why did I even think of such one might ask? It is because I have always played with the idea in my head of what if these figures did not exist in completely autonomous universes from each other. For instance, think of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. What if when they were fighting any of their epic battle, let’s say the X-Men came in and helped them.

But that’s just my randomness taking hold. The real character that I want to put into some of my fiction is the Witch King of Angmar. I don’t know why exactly. I just want to portray him as being more that just the right hand man of Sauron…I think that it would be fun to portray him as being some sort of whiney guy…I think that it would be fun. And while I know I said I would be true to the character, if the character doesn’t have that much background, development etc., how is this being untrue to the character? I mean I could see it if you were trying to make Frodo into a cross-dressing ogre or if you were trying to make Wolverine into someone who is not a dick…but if they have little or no development (other than the stock character aspect of most sci-fi/fantasy characters because most do fit a certain “mould”), I think that they could be used for lack of better word.

I don’t know why I have such a fascination with doing this. I know that it’s been done before, but I really want to write something blurring the lines between realms….and a story that uses the Witch King as a main character perhaps….hmmmm…..

Written by uncannynerdyguy

April 26, 2010 at 8:20 am