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Writing Mood

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As I’ve mentioned before, the main point of writing my blog is to get myself to write. I am currently trying to get myself back in the mindset of writing on an academic basis, and while my blog is not strictly (if at all) academic, it is getting me to write something whether it be a poem of 10 lines or a rant about actors playing certain characters in movies. I need to write. I’m also currently trying to get myself to continue writing some short stories and children’s stories that I’ve been working on for a while. Yet I cannot seem to get myself in the mindset to write fiction…this is also a big reason why I have been writing so much poetry because it allows my creative juices to flow without having to focus on a cohesive narrative. Let’s face it that is what makes a novel, a short story, etc. function. It’s all about the conflict and the narrative story arc.

Lately, my stories have been pretty lack luster at best from my stand point. I mean I have so many ideas swirling about it’s hard for me to separate¬†the good ones from the crap ones…I mean seriously I don’t know which ones that I desire to write about or not which in turn creates my writer’s block. I have writer’s paralysis due to the overflowing of ideas. It’s hard for me to pick one…and so my mind doesn’t want to write at all…which is kinda sad. Unfortunately, I have yet to get myself motivated enough¬†to break out of this “funk” (writer’s block, not the 70’s disco movement)…It’s quite a vicious cycle actually. I hope as the end of the school year approaches part of me will seek to make this artistry come out again…

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April 5, 2010 at 1:13 pm

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