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Horror and Halloween Movies that I Will Be Enjoying at Some Point This Season

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Long title aside…sometimes, I can be a little verbose when I’m writing a title… or maybe it comes from the fact that all my professors say that the title of a piece should tell us what’s in the paper itself…while I know this isn’t a paper, this is a possible reason. Anyway, Halloween is a season that brings out the scary and seasonal movies to my DVD player. However, there are always a few that seem to make their way to be watched at least once during the season. Also, most of these movies may contain images, language, nudity, etc. that may not be for the faint of heart…

1) The Exorcist– A movie that may have helped launch Max von Sydow’s career which deals with the demonic possession of a little girl (played by Linda Blair…which may have dampened her career) by Captain Howdy. Moreover, two priests come in to exorcise the demon with scary and deadly consequences…(I’m going to give shortened reviews because I have quite a few). Contains disturbing images and language.

2) Hocus Pocus– A film starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy as three witches executed at Salem that claimed on day they would return. A young boy lights their black flame candle and releases them. So, he, his sister, his crush, and a bewitched cat that used to be a boy must keep them from fulfilling their evil plot to suck the life from the children to Salem so that they may live forever. Overall, I enjoy this movie simply because it’s a throw back to my childhood and it’s just all around Halloween fun. Safe for children.

3) An American Werewolf in London– A werewolf movie that reenvisions the werewolf story to a large degree. David, an American guy touring the moors of England, is out with his friend, and they are attacked by a werewolf. His friend dies, but he suffers a fate that is worse than death because he becomes a werewolf and stalks the streets of London. A great movie which invokes the horror and the mystery of the werewolf legend while playing up some elements that other movies do not (such as the lack of a cure and the lack of humanity within the beast itself).  Contains disturbing images and nudity (including male full frontal because some people are more bothered by this…you’re going to see peen from a distance).

4) Nosferatu– The silent era’s Dracula because F. W. Murnau could not gain the rights to the novel from Stoker’s family. This movie is creepy as shit because of it being silent and Max Shreck being the rat-toothed Count Orlock. I find the deliberateness of movement and the overall lack of dialogue (and yes, I know that it’s a silent movie) to be very disturbing…Creepy…not too much else going on.

5) The Walking Dead– Alright, I know that it’s not a movie… however, this show is probably one of the best zombie projects that I’ve seen in a while; moreover, it’s based on a graphic novel. Mainly following Rick Grimes  a police officer as he tries to keep a group of made of friends and people met on the road, the human drama of this is the stuff that makes you wonder if you could survive something serious like a zombie apocalypse. Along with effects that rival that of any zombie movie (given zombie movies are usually low budget…but that’s beside the point), it just holds ones attention and keeps the air of creepy and unsettledness throughout. Graphic violence and some sexuality.

So, there you have it. A list of movies that I recommend to those out there looking for movies to watch this Halloween season. Some fun, some spooky, some disturbing, but all fun for one reason or another. I hope that you might like them as much as I do and that maybe they’ll enter your Halloween rotation as well.

Bones–A Procedural with Heart

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As I am enrolled in graduate school, I often find myself writing or reading all the time (which might be one of the smallest understatements of the year). However, while I am reading or writing, most of the time I must have something on in the background in order to maintain my thought process and forward momentum. I know that there are a lot of people out there who will say that they need to have something on in order to write…I am being entirely honest here…I do have to have something on, but this fact is beside the point. Recently, I have found Bones to be one of the most enjoyable shows to have on in the background because it is an interesting and fun show and because it is something that I don’t have to pay super close attention to in order to understand the episodes. However, there are several things about this show that make it fun to watch and keep myself entertained.


**Emily Deschanel’s ( playing the character of Bones) and David Boreanez’s (playing the character of Agent Booth)  chemistry is one of the most memorable parts of the show. While I have watched shows with David Boreanez in the past, I can’t say that I have watched one that I thought was as fun as this one. With the dry wit of Bones and the cracking wise of Booth, they make a pair that is both interesting dynamically and balanced as seeming opposites against each other.

**The other characters of Hodgins, Angela, Cam, and the others–While other procedural shows (by procedurals I mean ones involving law enforcement or one that has a definite process that is followed in almost every episode…but I digress) have characters that are fairly forgettable and the main focus of the show is on the solving of the murder, on the other hand, Bones offers  us a cast that is both odd and causes the story to revolve around them. Thereby, they take the focus off the murder solving and cast the light of the show on themselves.

**The wit of the show is fantastic.–With the level of intellectuals that are supposed to be in the show, this makes for interesting conversations and moments that the other procedurals that I’ve seen just don’t have. It’s both intriguing and exciting to be able to chuckle at nerdy jokes and moments that occur within the context of the show.

On the whole, I would give Bones 7.5 out of 10. I really like the premise and the characters are interesting. However, the fact that it is a procedural is a little bit of a downfall simply because each episode has pretty much the same basic plot and ends with the good guys finding the murderer. Overall, I like the show and will continue to watch it. However, the lack of the overarching themes tends and plot (other than the Booth and Bones love that is there but isn’t there….I’m in season 5 so please don’t spoil if you know more than I do) makes it a little less than cohesive…I can catch later episodes and be fine without knowing everything that has went on or will go on.

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March 1, 2011 at 11:04 pm


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Tripping over my own feet.

Feeling you support me

As I struggle to regain my composure.

A silent moment only seen in movies,

Dreams, and ad space…

Will the couple kiss?

Will they live happily ever after?

Alas, the television is unplugged,

And you are told for the fifth time

To finish your homework.

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June 7, 2010 at 10:12 pm

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Supernatural Deals with the Devil *Spoiler Alert*

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So, all of you Supernatural fans out there, tonight is the season finale (as it is scheduled to be). I am on the edge of my seat to see what happens with Sam and Dean. As some of you may know from my earlier posts, I got involved with the show at the end of last year and watched up to the end of season 4 over Christmas break. I was very much enthralled.

Now, they are at the end of the road and must face down the devil. If you’ve been keeping up, over the past season, they have fought the four horsemen of the apocalypse, tangled with the Croatoan virus, met a bevy of gods (little g because they pagans), and have fought with each other to come to this. Tonight, they will face Satan. What will happen as they try to throw him back in the cage that Sam sprung him from. Will they truly be able to do it or will they leave us waiting anxiously for the next season? Silly me, I have already ruined a part of the episode for myself because I read the page (don’t read the episode summary unless you want to have something ruined for yourself as well).

As the final minutes and hour up till the “end” count down, I will continue to ponder what is going to happen with this series. Originally, it was slated for only 5 seasons, but with season 6 already promised, it makes me wonder what they might do next. Is Sam really going to be able to trap the devil or is Dean going to have to hunt him in the next season to finish the devil off? Who knows? All I can expect is that this season finale will leave me going “Oh Shit!” just like all the others (hopefully anyway). So, enjoy the show. I know that I will.

The Avengers Meet Buffy

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So, the other day, I was speaking with a friend of mine when she mentioned something that immediately made me joyful. With all the controversy that has been surrounding the casting of Captain America and Thor, I have not kept up with who would be directing this large ensemble cast. It is not a terribly easy thing to do and do well…so, I was really excited when I heard Joss Whedon of Buffy, Firefly, and Dollhouse would be the one responsible. Immediately, I had the thought that this movie has an amazing prospect to be good whereas other directors might not understand the dynamics of the thing. I believe that Joss Whedon will do an amazing job of bringing these comic book icons to the big screen.

1) His previous work is amazing. If you have ever watched an episode of any of his shows, it is clear that he has a certain artistry to him. If you’ve ever seen Buffy, Firefly, or anything else that he has done, he has a definite vision for all of his projects, and it’s this vision that excites me.

2) Going back to his vision, Joss Whedon has a phenomenal understanding of the inner workings of comic books. Within the past few years (2004 to be exact), he wrote the Astonishing X-Men arc of Marvel’s much beloved series. In it, he creates a wonderful story of what could have been if the X-Men were under different leadership due to unforseen circumstances. He knows what is going to work to help bring the comic book movie together, and this pleases me.

3) My final reason that I approve of Joss Whedon directing the Avengers’ movie (other than liking his previous work) is that he knows how to deal well with an ensemble cast. If you look at any of the shows that he has created/directed, Whedon has massive casts. Whereas your average cast may have 3 to 4 “main” characters, his tend to be larger. At one point, Buffy had 8+ people to manage, and his other shows such as Dollhouse and Firefly have similar numbers. He knows how to weave his characters that he is given into a cohesive whole. Why should The Avengers be any different?

With the year 2012 (the release date for the movie) fast approaching, the little boy inside of me is giddy because I’ll be able to see Joss Whedon’s vision of Marvel. It should be wonderful because he will have a fairly large budget to work with and will no longer be inhibited by small screen conventions. With his unlimitedly creative mind and a budget to match, what could Whedon produce other than an exciting and intriguing film?

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April 16, 2010 at 9:20 am

The Power of Good Writing

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With the overflow of new creative works coming into being each day, it’s a wonder that so much of it gets acclaim for being “good” writing. In fact, most of it that is considered “good” writing is quite mediocre in comparison to some of the greats. However, that being said, there are some literary based works that have come out within the past little while that have caught my attention and intrigue me even more each day.

There are many television shows that have come out in the last several years that rely heavily upon the writing. In the midst of the Reality TV storm, shows like Heroes, Pushing Daisies (although it was canceled), Supernatural (the writing is good for what it is…a realationship between two brothers), Dexter, and many others astound me because they play with words and dialogue. Their sheer quality astounds me because up until recently the plot driven, story-based program has been crippled by the frugality and quick production time of the reality shows. I’m glad that good tv is starting to be back on the air because honestly there are few reality tv programs that I can stand.

My main example of amazing writing  is the musical Next to Normal which follows the mental breakdown of Diana, a suburban housewife, and the effects of this on her family. I will openly admit that I have become a little obsessive about the musical. For the past few weeks (ever since I saw it in New York), I have listened to at least selected songs from it…some multiple times. However, it’s because the writing and the music itself have so many layers that each time I listen I gain something more. The word choice is immaculate, and the themes, both musical and verbal, are quite awe-inspiring because they do something that a lot of writing/music nowadays doesn’t do. They make you think. They make you have to mentally interact with them to create their meaning instead of putting everything out there from the beginning. Each time I have listened to N2N, I have started to understand more of the subtext and am allowed another peek into the ethereal realm that it delves into…the unseen…Amazing writing does this…it makes us think.

Good writing whether in TV, novel, play, music, etc. should take us to places that make us think. It shouldn’t leave us feeling like we’ve reveled in the squalor (like many reality tv shows do). I hope that over the next few years we see an emergence of more clever, creative, and wonderful writing and that the crappy stuff saunters towards extinction…

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April 5, 2010 at 2:41 pm