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My Love of Sarah McLachlan

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Even into the early double-digits of my age, I have loved Sarah McLachlan’s music because it touches my inner spirit somehow. Now, I’m not talking just the sad song during the commercial about animal adoption and some such. I have loved her and still love her music as she continues to produce it. Her dulcet tones sooth the inner monster that is in me because all people all monsters on some level…it’s just a few of us that admit it.  So, I’m here to share with you a few videos of her songs to help get my love out there. The first is “Angel.” Written because of the heroin overdose of the keyboard player of the Smashing Pumpkins. It’s a lovely song…

The next two songs are from her CD Afterglow. However, I love both of them because they are intriguing songs and because they apply to my life at different points. The first “Stupid” speaks to my nature of late because I can’t discern the people around me which is one of the talents that I have cultivated over the years…although the song itself deals with a love affair, I take it as a generality dealing with life and those around me… take it as you will.

The second of these two songs is “Fallen” which I just find to be a great song and like very much… I hope you enjoy all the music because it’s good…so yeah…

I love Sarah and hope you will too.


Written by uncannynerdyguy

November 4, 2011 at 8:46 pm

Elaine Paige Vs. Susan Boyle….no competition…please…

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Recently, I have been doing a lot of web surfing, and in my searches for Les Miserables songs, I came across several that were comparing Elaine Paige to Susan Boyle all because Susan Boyle dropped Elaine’s name in Britain’s Got Talent (BGT). Susan said that it was her dream to be like Elaine Paige and commenced to sing “I Dreamed a Dream” (a Paige specialty). She sang it beautifully for someone who is on a talent search type show. However, it is not really a fair comparison to make for Susan and for Elaine.

First off, Elaine has been a singer for some 40 years professionally. Susan Boyle is a TALENT SHOW sensation. I’m not saying that I dislike her, but she does not have the experience that someone of Elaine’s caliber does. Look at her acting career . It speaks wonders of her experience.  She has appeared in Hair, Cats as Grizabella, Evita as Eva Peron, and other notable musicals. How can you compare that to Susan who was a virtual unknown until summer of last year.

Secondly, Elaine Paige supported Susan. There are many people out there that think that Elaine just bashed Boyle. However, did you ever think of why if this were true would she sing a duet of “I Know Him So Well” from Chess ( Elaine Paige is one of the few genuine people left from that age of Broadway/West End Theater. She is a humble and nice star. Why can’t people see that?

My final thought on the whole matter is this: how can you critique something if you have never seen or you don’t know the show that it came from. Last night while looking through the plethora of vids of the “SUSAN VS ELAINE” vids, I came across so many misinformed people’s comments that it made me irritated beyond belief. Elaine Paige has a style that rivals other Broadway Greats like Bernadette Peters, Patti Lupone, Angela Lansbery and many others. Also, it’s musical THEATER for God’s sake…you are supposed to act and sing and dance. That’s the whole concept of it all. I mean true Susan does have an alright singing voice; however, she has no stage presence. She seems like a scared puppy at times.

You can’t compare them is my main point. You are trying to compare apples and oranges. Elaine is a polished performing goddess with 40+ years of experience. Susan is a Cinderella Story for BGT (and I wish her well in her endeavours), but really, that’s all she’s got. Both are good in their own rights. One just has the street cred to back up all that she’s done.