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If I Formed My League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

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So, a friend just posted on my facebook wall asking me if I made my own League of Extraordinary Gentlemen using only characters from books (not the comics or movies). Immediately, I asked the question “Can I use villains and they play well with others?” because this is important in forming my group. This simple face can change the usefulness of some characters drastically. So, I suppose I will try to make my group considering that the villains have to work with the heroes for some reason or other…so with that in mind, here I go.

* Sherlock Holmes– With his powerful deductive mind, Holmes would make a good addition to any group’s intelligence

By Sidney Paget(1860-1908) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

factor. He would be able to break down analytical problems and move through them with a speed that others might not have.  He would also be good in a pinch when in a situation where he was fighting because he can break down the most effective route for dealing with people (no, I’m not thinking about the movie here…even though, he does it to an almost preternatural degree).

* Frankenstein’s Monster– I would be making this choice for two reasons. First, the monster would begin to round out the muscle of the group. He is preternaturally strong, agile, and durable, which would make him a good asset. Second, he has a knack for learning and appears to be pretty intelligent himself. So, he could serve a two-fold  position as both the brawn and, potentially, the brains.

* Merlin– Scary powerful sorcerer…need I say more. He can do a lot and help in a tight situation in many ways. Brains and power…

* Muldumarec– A shape-shifting knight from the medieval lai of “Yonec.” His ability to morph into other things would make him the perfect person to infiltration and espionage. He would probably be okay in a fight because of his abilities and his skills as a knight…I’m also talking about him without being killed by his lover’s jealous husband…

By Edward Reginald Frampton (1872-1923) (Démons et Merveilles (E.Brasey)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

* Titania– Another magic user and fae to boot, she would round out the group. Her femininity would help balance out the group of men and would allow her to seduce the opposing forces. Her magical abilities would also be handy in tight situations because she is the queen of the fae. Moreover, she can be quite frightening depending upon the folk tales / literature that she appears in. Her near immortality and invulnerability would also be handy in a lot of situations…

* Pandora– No, I’m not talking about the figure from Greek myth that unleashed pestilence upon the world. Rather, I am referring to the 2000 year old vampire from Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles (this is my guilty pleasure add). Pandora is sexy, provocative, intelligent, and powerful (she waxes philosophical but also rips out a man’s heart to drain it). With her telepathy, she could be the communicator of the group talking to the others mentally. Her pyrokinesis and telekinesis would also make her deadly from afar, and her other vampiric abilities such as immortality, super strength and speed, and near invulnerability would make her quite a force to be reckoned with… she would also play well with the other members of the group (unlike some of Anne Rice’s other characters).

So, there you go…I think that this would be a fairly balanced team of hard-core literary characters. I’ve tried to balance brains and brawn; moreover, I’ve also tried to create a middle ground of characters that can go either way. Overall, I think they would make an interesting group with a diverse array of powers.

Stranger than I Dreamed It

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So, recently, I’ve been having weird dreams that stem from my usage of melatonin (I take it to help regulate my sleep because I’m a little of an insomniac) and the stress that I’ve been having in regards to my midterms. Moreover, the characters and situations that were within the dream that I’m about to relate deals with everything that has been going on within my life of late…and you thought you were crazy. Okay, so, the dream…

In my dream, I was looking for apartments in the want ads. However, the want ads were transcribed in IPA. So, I had to seek out the help of John Donne, the writer, and Yonec, a character from medieval literature. Well, needless to say, they helped look for an apartment, and then, I woke up with much confusion in my mind and my heart. So yeah… I’m pretty sure that it’s quite obvious what’s been on my mind.

1) Looking for apartments– My roommate moved out very suddenly, and I”m debating what is going to happen with the apartment that I’m renting. It’s a little too much apartment for me both in size and monetary value. Moreover, it’s hard to live in a space that you shared with someone and then have to deal with them being gone all of a sudden. So yeah…

2) IPA transcription– I’m in a Linguistics class this semester to fulfill a degree requirement and am more than a little stressed about it because I’m having to use new skills that I’m learning and I’m having to use my studying skills to learn things for test (I haven’t used them in years…). Further, I’m having to work with other students that are not nearly as motivated as me when it comes to doing the group work that we have together…needless to say, it’s not fun…Additionally, this class is causing me to push back my graduation for a semester because I’m needing to take certain classes to help fill my degree requirement…yeah…

3) John Donne– Donne is a creature of his own making… I’m writing a paper about his poem “Sappho to Philaenis” for my course, and I’m trying to piece an argument together from various other literary sources to make a certain claim… and I think that it might be falling flat…so yeah….

4) Yonec– A similar situation to Donne… His story is one that I’m researching for my medieval class….and yeah, similar experiences are being had.

All these pieces of the real world finally entered my dream which tells me that I may be going crazy… either that or my super stress is finally pushing into my sleeping times when I should be dreaming about zombies, vampires, and other monsters….or maybe more cutesy things… Needless to say, I’m hoping that by being finished with midterms that these dreams have regressed back into the black depths of my mind…only time will tell…

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October 13, 2011 at 10:29 pm